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PECA (Pulsed Eddy Current Array Probe)

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Specifically designed for CUI and CUF inspections, the new 6-element PECA probe is capable of a single-pass coverage of 457 mm (18 in) in grid or high-resolution, dynamic mode. The wide coverage not only makes inspections faster than ever, but also minimizes inspection preparation with Grid-As-U-GoTM. The coverage and accessory reduce gridding times dramatically compared to typical, single-element PEC. Displaying C-scans has never been this fast, improving overall inspection productivity up to 10 times.

  • Please note: The PECA requires the LYFT System (PEC – Pulsed Eddy Current)


With an inspection productivity faster than ever before, PECA technology now outperforms other CUI inspection techniques currently available on the market in most circumstances. PECA enables you to perform in-service inspections with no need to remove insulation, through a wide variety of coatings and weather jackets. PECA can penetrate the entire material thickness to detect internal and external corrosion, and provide relative wall thickness measurements. Finally, the system is safe, as the technique emits no radiation.

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    • 457 mm (18 in) single-pass coverage
    • Grid-As-U-GoTM for quick and easy gridding
    • Smooth acquisition over buckles and uneven surfaces
    • Integrated locking mechanism to adjust to ODs from 152 mm (6 in) up to flat surfaces
    •  Two acquisition modes: grid and high-res dynamic
    •  Compatible with SmartPULSETM
    • Compatible with the unique compensated wall thickness (CWT) tool

Product Downloads

Lyft PECA probe Selection & Footprint
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