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Eddyfi Lyft® PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) C Scanner

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is possibly the greatest unresolved asset integrity problem in the industry. It’s time for evolution. It’s time for Lyft.
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Lyft — a reinvented, high-performance PEC solution. The system features a portable, state-of-the-art instrument, real-time C-scan imaging, fast data acquisition (up to 15 readings per second) with grid-mapping and dynamic scanning modes, and flexibility with long cables (35 m / 115 ft). It can also scan through thick metal (up to 64 mm / 2.5 in) and insulation (up to 203 mm / 8 in liftoff), as well as aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel weather jackets.

The Lyft software is packed with automation and advanced algorithms that remove operator-specific dependence, thanks to the power of the SmartPULSE™ technology. It automatically optimizes pulser and receiver parameters (gain, duration, time gates, filters, etc.). SmartPULSE also optimizes wall thickness (WT) measurements, which ensures optimum performance and repeatability, while limiting the need for advanced knowledge of pulsed eddy current.

The multi-touch, user-friendly software includes several innovative features, including real-time C-scan imaging (grid mapping and dynamic modes), complete WT measurements (ID and OD corrosion), as well as complete inspection management and reporting capabilities.

The Lyft instrument is sealed and designed for IP65. Its magnesium alloy casing is tough, water and dust resistant, and cools without any external air exchange. The adjustable stand, the top handle, and four corner anchor points make it practical for on-site inspections. The embedded and portable Windows® PC offers standard connect-anywhere capabilities and advanced productivity tools that optimize field testing. The premium-quality 26.4 cm (10.4 in) LED display is optically bonded, non-reflective, comes with 3 mm (1/8 in) strengthened glass, and is designed for gloved hands, under any lighting conditions. The system also comes with two, hot-swappable batteries for extended battery operation.

Contact us to find out more about the Eddyfi Lyft® C Scanner or any of our other NDT eddy current scanners, or request a quote online.

  • EC Probes
  • Built-in Controls: Easily perform inspections without having to manipulate the Lyft instrument.
  • Encoder : The high-precision 20.53 counts/mm encoder enables exactly positioning defects for targeted mitigation.
  • LEDs: The green and red LEDs notify the user of various conditions, for example: when the scan is being performed too quickly, the readiness of Lyft, whether you are outside the scan zone, the SmartPULSE PEC autoset status, and so forth.



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