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Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Payload for the Elios 3

Elevate your aerial inspections with Flyability's latest payload. Complete UT scans at heights in hard to reach areas with ease.
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Developed in partnership with Cygnet Instruments, the UT payload for the Elios 3 provides remote A-Scan readings in remote areas. Delivered to the inspection site using the Elios 3 ensures safety, efficiency and accuracy with fully integrated sensor data.

Pinpoint accuracy is achieved with synchronised visual and 3D data to complete your digital twin dataset.

With a smart couplant dispenser onboard and a dynamic probe arm, you are guaranteed a consistent and reliable reading with each inspection completed.

There are multiple probes available for different surface inspections ranging from 2Mhz-7.5Mhz.

An interchangeable cleaning module is provided and can be utilised to ensure the surface is prepared for inspection prior to conducting UT scans.

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Feature Value
Probe type Dual element transducer (piezocomposite crystals)
Probe manufacturer Cygnus Instruments
Measurement Range in Steel 0.8mm to 250mm
Measuring Mode Mode 2 (Single Echo) and Mode 3 (Echo-to-Echo)
Gain and Gate Control Automatic or Manual Gain and Gate Control
Accuracy ±0.1 mm (±0.004”) or 0.1% of thickness measurement whichever is the greatest
Resolution Display 0.1 mm (0.005”) or 0.01 mm (0.0005”)
Calibration Mechanisms Automatic V-path correction for twin crystal probes. Option of One or Two point calibration for twin crystal probes.
Gel acceptable viscosity 1:1 mix of standard UT gel with water for optimal performance
Display Dedicated UT tab in Cockpit with A-scan display
Certifications RoHs, CE, FCC, FDA, IC (only for final MP)


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