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CRx25P Computed Radiography Scanner

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The CRx25P portable computed radiography scanner creates high quality digital images in seconds.
Designed for simple operation in the field, this lightweight and highly portable unit is perfect for applications requiring multiple relocations. The CRx25p is also equipped with an optional built in rechargeable battery so you don’t need to worry about power when operating in the field. Despite its small size, the CRx25P is a hard wearing unit, constructed with a dent resistant extruded aluminium frame as well as rubberized isolating/damping feet to eliminate vibration and promote image quality.
The CRx25P is an incredibly easy machine to operate, requiring virtually zero user training, and is integrated into the Rhythm Software architecture. The unit’s basic operations follow the standard imaging process making it even more intuitive to use. The CRx25P accepts imaging plates in all standard sizes up to 35 cm (14 in) wide, and a feed guide supports long plates during scanning.

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  • Truly portable computed radiography system suitable for in-house and field service
  • High and standard resolution images, capable of a resolution of 17 micron, 25 micron, 50 micron and 100 micron
  • Can operate in direct sunlight
  • Eliminates need for film, chemicals, and processor maintenance, as well as storage and disposal procedures
  • Accepts phosphor imaging plates up to 35 cm (14 inch) wide by any practical length, and custom shapes
  • Flexible, wire-free imaging plates to conform to object shape
  • Feed guide supports long imaging plates
  • Works with X-ray and gamma sources including Se 75, Ir 192 and Co 60
  • Customizable settings for optimum dynamic range
  • Built-in eraser with manual or auto erase function
  • Lightweight extruded aluminium frame
  • Hard-cases available for transportation
  • Optional self-contained battery
  • BAM Design-Type tested

Product Downloads

CRx25P Brochure
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