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The unique MicroClimber from Inuktun is a lightweight, versatile remotely operated 360 degree crawler pipe inspection camera tool.
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The unique MicroClimber from Inuktun is a lightweight, versatile remotely operated 3600 crawler camera tool designed to climb even the steepest of angles in inclined or vertical cylindrical structures including ropes, pilings, pipes, anchor lines and guy-wires.

The tool can be adjusted manually for standard diameters between 160mm and 50mm, but can be customised to suit any individual application.   An added advantage is its dual dry/underwater capability.

The device has eight Crystal CamsTM (transmitted on two quad channels) with mounting plates for five different diameters, with the ability to select a single camera for a full screen view.  The 400+ resolution lens, with sensitivity < 1.5 lux and a Color Xin Ex-View CCD sensor deliver high quality visuals with video overlay (including cable distance, date and time) though a two channel digital video recorder.  Embedded LED lighting ensures sharp focus and high quality visuals which the operator can view with ease and clarity on two 20cm LCD monitors.  To make inspection even easier, a sunlight-readable option is available.

The cameras are mounted on lightweight crawler vehicles (6 x 4000 series MicrotracsTM), which have a variable speed of nine metres per minute and a maximum pull force of 41kgs.  The chassis is manufactured from anodised 6061-T6 aluminium and is 47cm long and 64cm wide.

The system is easy to control and is powered by a 240 VAC 500W unit, with a suggested generator of 0.6Kw.    Variable speed and reversing capability are two more benefits of this versatile system.

Another key benefit of the Inuktun MicroClimber is the ease with which the standard system can be adapted to suit other applications such as pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, sonar, NDT sensors and other tooling (eg cleaning), so if versatility is important to your business, please contact us.

Contact us to find out more about the MicroClimber or any of our other robotic crawlers and tractors, or click to view our full pipe inspection camera range.


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  • Specifically designed to climb on almost any inclined or vertical cylindrical structure
  • Suitable for pilings, pipes, rope, anchor lines or guy-wires
  • Remotely operated 3600 camera view
  • Includes eight CrystalCamTM cameras
  • Easily adapted for other tooling including NDT sensors, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, sonar or cleaning tools
  • Operates underwater and in air
  • Supports multiple diameters
  • Standard design can be manually adjusted for diameters ranging from 160mm – 250mm with custom sizes available
  • Standard 262m tether cable
  • Break strength up to 363kg
  • Travel speed 9m per minute with reversing potentiometer
  • Lightweight aluminium system weighing only 18kgs
  • Wide range of operational temperatures ( from -200C to 350C)
  • Options include depth-rating to 3 000m with pressure compensated brushless motors

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