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Nexxis Site Move is a Pivotal Moment for their Unique Solutions-Based Sales Model

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Nexxis is on the move – and this relocation has significant positive implications for their services, customers and the other related companies under the Nexxis umbrella.

Where and Why is Nexxis Moving?

The company came into being in 2014, determined to present customers within the mining, oil & gas and petrochemical industries with a better method of NDT equipment procurement. At this time, the concept of using robotics for testing was still in its infancy. However, tech-savvy Nexxis not only saw the potential this offered, but also had a personnel with a long-standing history of industry needs to back this up.

Over the past seven years, this unique model of flexibility, client understanding and expertise has seen Nexxis explode onto the global stage. But never a company to rest on their laurels, the powers that drive the company to bigger and better things are constantly striving to find ways to improve strategies that offer ever-increasing value to their customers.

The move to 35 Peel Road, O’Conner, is a calculated one. Not only is the main Nexxis operation moving here, but also the two subsidiary companies of SixDe and Lab61. The former specialises in custom engineering and the latter in robotics training. Having these three companies in a single location provides a one-of-a-kind collaborative working opportunity. For customers, this means even better cost-saving and end-to-end solutions.

Innovation, Development and Maintenance

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. Operations that take advantage are far better placed to streamline their practices. In today’s competitive marketplace, success is heavily determined by streamlining processes. When it comes to solutions, this often means outreaching conventional thinking and concepts. It’s this very aspect that Nexxis has become known for, thanks to their relentless pursuit to re-imagine solutions for the modern evolving landscape.

With robotics at its heart, Nexxis has pioneered a one-off procurement model that provides their clients with solutions that simply can’t be matched elsewhere. Having SixDe and Lab21 at the same site location brings an enviable ease when it comes to innovation, development and maintenance. Customers will benefit from rapid access to inspection technology, as well as seamless creation for customised prototyping and necessary staff training to fast-track competence when using cutting edge inspection solutions.

The Nexxis Touch

The company has grown rapidly and has been embraced by both global corporations and smaller service providers.

  • Oil & Gas, Mining and Petrochemical Execs: Nexxis paves the way for the delivery of top-end inspection solutions, combined with custom engineering and robotics training. The end result is true operative innovation and a dynamic blueprint through which they benefit from improved end-to-end solutions and added value.
  • Smaller service providers: No matter what the size of the business – from cottage industry plumbers to local engineering – companies can take advantage of the might of Nexxis capabilities within their personal budgets. In turn, this opens competitive opportunities to compete with larger operations, so levelling the playing field.

Working with Nexxis provides a multitude of benefits. Their model prides itself on the solving of complex issues in unique ways, creating a partnership with their clients rather than the outdated, traditional customer-supplier relationship. Thanks to this, their clientele benefit from:

  • Revolutionary solutions to their unique requirements
  • A dynamic blueprint that’s as flexible as their needs
  • Full support throughout the complete supply chain
  • Expert education throughout
  • Economically efficient solutions
  • Innovative technology and access to both off-the-shelf solutions and customised rapid prototyping.

Deserved Commendations

Nexxis expertise hasn’t gone without recognition. The following are just some of the awards they’ve been presented:

  • CORE Exchange Hot 30 List for Innovation
  • 1st Place SPRINT Robotics Award for New Innovative Technology in Inspection, Maintenance and Cleaning (Magneto)
  • 2nd Place Ground-breaking Collaborative Work towards Acceptance of Inspection and Maintenance Robotics (Magneto)

The company also has a truly global reach, with established outposts in Houston, USA, and Singapore.

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