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FAQ: An Overview of the benefits of renting

Ca-Zoom PTZ 140

Why should I rent when I can buy?

This is one of the most common questions from our clients and the assumption is often made that purchasing assets outright is the best solution.  Depending on your project or business however, renting or long-term leasing can often be a much more flexible and cost-effective solution.

Here are a few reasons why renting can be a better solution for your business;

Financial benefits:

  1. Preserve your capital: With rental, you can release your capital into other parts of business where it can be used to generate additional profits.
  2. Increase your borrowing capacity: The equipment user who rents rather than buys generally finds borrowing easier because he has a better ratio of assets to liabilities, as the equipment does not appear as a liability on the balance sheet
  3. Avoid Extra costs:  It’s expensive to sell used or obsolete equipment. Preparing, repairing and advertising the item for sale are all cost factors avoided with renting.
  4. Ease Your Burden:  Purchasing, maintaining and tracking your own inventory is daunting and time consuming. Renting removes this burden and reduces any pressure to manage and upkeep your own equipment.

Technical benefits:

  1. Guaranteed Reliability:  Work with the newest types and models of equipment. Industry is constantly upgrading the capabilities of technical equipment, so rent to avoid the risk of using obsolete tools that are slower and less efficient.
  2. Relinquish Maintenance Responsibility:  Renting removes any burden you may have of calibrating and maintaining equipment.
  3. Seamless Operation:  Without exception, all equipment while in use is subject to breakdown. When a rental item breaks down, we quickly replace it at no extra cost or effort to you.
  4. Dedicated Team:  When you rent from Nexxis you gain the support of our experienced team. Our product experts help get the most from your equipment.

Operational benefits:

  1. Scalability:  Renting offers a rapid and cost effective way to cover peaks or troughs in production and short term needs.
  2. Onsite Flexibility:  If your work scope changes, either downgrading or upgrading or starting a new phase of operation, you will always have exactly the right amount of machinery.
  3. Optimize Performance:  Purchased equipment becomes old quickly, leading to poor production and lost time. Renting ensure your use only the newest models to optimise performance at every stage of a project.

We hope this overview of the benefits of renting will help you customize your equipment solution.  If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Operations or Sales Specialists.


Download the PDF: 11 Benefits of Renting

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