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Don’t Forget to Document Alignment Data for Effective Maintenance

Maintenance plans are crucial for the efficient, smooth running of a plant. Machines and assets are routinely under stress and effective documentation of alignment data is a vital underpinning task to ensure the most economical and predictable maintenance strategies.

Reasons for having a rigid structure in place for the documentation of this data include:

  • It’s often an industry requirement as proof of compliance to certain specifications
  • If a problem is reported, the ability to look back over recorded alignment data is time saving and a valuable diagnostic tool
  • It lowers the risk of expensive unplanned repairs
  • In the case of multi-user machines it provides a safeguard that each individual user has correctly aligned the equipment for use.

Setting up a robust system for recording alignment data is vital. There are various tools on the market that can both record and save the data, helping to streamline what can often be a time-intensive task. Whatever method is chosen it’s essential that all staff are sufficiently trained in the provision of the process and that everyone conforms so consistency is ensured.

Regular, consistent documentation is cost efficient and time saving

Whilst such rigid documentation might appear time consuming – particularly to the frontline workers who carry out the task – ensuring that this is regularly conducted is not only good practice, but can lead to significant cost saving in the long run. This is thanks to being able to plan proactively for necessary maintenance, a far lowered chance of unexpected machine failure and, should the worst happen and there is a problem or breakdown, consistent data will provide a crucial insight into previous alignments and the ability to diagnose and fix the problem.

Information that it’s necessary to document includes:

  • Details of the machine: Serial number, time critical etc
  • Name of the person carrying out the checks: As well as the date, time and whether the machine is in use at the time of the check
  • Any maintenance carried out: Such as lubrication, alignment etc.
  • Any issues: Necessary maintenance that needs to be carried out, and within what timescale
  • Date of the previous maintenance check

In industries where every minute of asset downtime costs money it’s essential to have a proactive attitude to machine maintenance. Leading equipment provider, Nexxis, has an innovative approach that sees them work with their customers to appropriate flexible effective solutions that allow them to put in place strategies that minimise costly unexpected interruptions, increasing productivity and that all-important bottom line.

Such a customer-focused strategy has led to Nexxis becoming the premium provider for businesses who appreciate a forward thinking supplier that works with us to put in place the most adaptable equipment provision for their individual situations. To find out how this could be advantageous for your business contact us today.

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