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Advanced Solutions for Measurement and Alignment in the Shipping Industry

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Maritime needs for advanced alignment solutions are an essential element to prevent unnecessary incidents causing costs that can spiral to six figures and beyond. By far the most advantageous approach is to prevent unexpected misalignment problems occurring in the first place.

The following looks at some examples of the latest technology designed to provide operators with the tools to align all types of rotating and non-rotating equipment.

  • Flatness Measurement: There are various implications where it’s necessary to calculate a flatness measurement, such as a slewing ring bearing for a crane. This is best determined through the use of a laser transmitter, one that’s secured by magnets to the flange with a detector unit being moved around various marked points. The data measured can then be calculated and displayed either in figures or as a 3D graph, with the system automatically crafting the optimal best-fit adjustments.
  • Line Bore Applications: When it comes to the alignment of bearing journals in relation to a stern tube, this can be simplified by using line bore equipment. Such a tool utilises a mounted laser transmitter on the axial surface at the end of the gearbox flange or stern tube, and a corresponding detector unit in the bearing position. Measurements are then taken and calculated, presenting the correct alignment in both the vertical and horizontal planes.
  • Shaft alignment: Gearbox and propeller shaft alignment is carried out using laser measurement mounted on each side of the coupling. The resulting calculations provide the data necessary to shim and adjust the gearbox for the drive line to be truly straight. In situations where the line bore and couplings are challenging to rotate, advanced laser systems make it possible to determine alignment values with only small levels of rotation.

Specialised maritime equipment

The shipbuilding and maritime industries present many unique challenges regarding measurements and alignment, leading to the bespoke creation of solutions to address this. As technology advances, equipment that better meets user needs continues to be brought to market, making it imperative for operators to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Customised solutions continually evolve to ensure that individual challenges are served, such as alignment systems that have been adapted to single bearing drive lines, those with rubber lined bearings and water jet installations. The nature of marine vessels is that of the presentation of ongoing unique issues.

Examples of the critical path components that require precision alignment solutions include:

  • Engines
  • Support bearings
  • Drive and propeller shafts
  • Reduction gears
  • Rudder bores
  • Periscopes
  • Missile tubes and torpedo trays

In addition, many such systems have inter-related components requiring crucial alignment data to ensure the correct geometric relationships.

The advantages of the use the most advanced equipment are many, and include:

  • Reduced equipment wear and tear
  • The ability for planned maintenance leading to less downtime
  • Increased operation time, productivity and workload

Taking advantage of an equipment provider that not only helps with the provision of the best tools for a company’s needs, but also offers dynamic, flexible solutions that adapt with requirements is essential to ensure quality of work and a competitive edge. Nexxis is just such a company that provides this innovative approach, one that’s led to us becoming a leading provider of high-end technical equipment to the maritime industry.

To discover how our bespoke service could benefit your needs get in touch at or call 08 9418 4952 for more details.

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