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Tips & Tricks: Getting your Crawler Vertical

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User Tips For Robotic Crawlers

Tip #6:  Getting your Crawler Vertical

There are a variety of crawler systems capable of traveling vertically up tanks or along pipes, poles and conduits.  To help you decide which system is ideal for your inspection needs, it will help to see the crawler in action.  Here are three different Crawlers in three different environments, each one quite unique.

1 – Versatrax Vertical Crawler

With an expandable, tripod chassis and three Microtracs, this crawler can remotely expand it’s tracks to travel vertically.  Independent track control allows the crawler to navigate multiple bends and inbuilt LED’s keep things illuminated.

Crawler_08 Crawler_09

2 – Versatrax MicroClimber

Perfect for pilings, pipe, rope or guy-wires, this crawler is designed to climb on almost any inclined or vertical cylindrical structure.  The crawler can be adapted for NDT devices, cameras or cleaning tools, but comes standard with eight Crystal Cam cameras so you wont miss a thing.

Crawler_05 Crawler_04

3 – Versatrax 100 MicroMag & the NanoMag

Both these systems are fitted with a magnet and are capable of traveling vertically on metal pipes and structures.  Perfect for ship hulls, pipes, tanks and other vessels, these crawler systems are also customizable and can accommodate a range of accessories including cameras, sensors and brushes.

Crawler_07 Crawler_06

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