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Why The Mentor Visual IQ Offers Accurate Measurement for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

In order to achieve the highest levels of hygiene, quality and product safety required by the pharmaceutical industry, the best practices and top-performing equipment are necessary.

Visual inspection is an essential operation in achieving and maintaining these high levels and because there can be no room for error, it’s imperative that only the very best equipment is used.

The new Mentor Visual IQ VideoProbe is an industry-leading video borescope and is a preferred choice among the pharmaceutical industry for remote visual inspection (RVI) because it offers unparalleled performance and precision.


Glass lined pipes, tubes and vessels are widely used throughout the industry because of their exceptional resistance to chemical attack and corrosion-build-up, and the Mentor Visual IQ borescope is the ideal tool for inspecting these.  It will detect common problems such as damage from impact or thermal shock, lining fractures, over-tightening of fixings, weld root defects and improper cleaning.   For example, a blockage in a pipe or tube can attract bacteriological growth and this could have disastrous consequences – so it’s crucial that testing procedures are thorough and reliable.

Contamination is a key concern in the pharmaceutical industry and product recalls can be extremely costly from a number of different perspectives, including reputational damage, legal fees, financial penalties, advertising, loss of revenue, downtime and so on – so it is imperative that companies take every precaution to ensure product quality, purity, cleanliness and safety.  Utilising the best testing equipment on the market is a must, not only for ensuring that defective units are removed and that contamination doesn’t occur – but also to provide technicians with valuable information so that they can make improvements and adjustments to reduce or better still, prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why the Mentor Visual IQ offers accurate measurement for the pharmaceutical industry.

Versatile and flexible

It offers interchangeable probe diameters and lengths to enable complete inspection capabilities of a variety of different pipe diameters, including the small diameter pipework generally used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Reliable and accurate

Highly advanced yet operator-friendly, the borescope offers superior image quality and faster, more precise detection abilities which streamline the inspection process.

Additional features

It offers 3D Phase Measurement and analysis as well as wi-fi connectivity which enable more collaborative, real-time evaluation of inspection data and visuals.

Visual inspection is clearly an essential component of securing product quality and production safety in the pharmaceutical industry and if you want to learn more about why the Mentor Visual iQ is the industry leader when it comes to video borescopes, contact us now.

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