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Streamline Operations Through Equipment Leasing

With the mainstream introduction of semi-autonomous and autonomous technology, non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment is advancing at incredible speed. This is great news for all concerned. However, this means that companies will most likely need to reassess how they procure their testing equipment to maximise cost and operational efficiencies.

As technology becomes more efficient and processes reduce in cost, using outdated apparatus can leave operators at a financial disadvantage.

Equipment leasing is very often the answer. With a contract from the right supplier, the benefits are probably more than you think.

1: Operational Advantages

As any maintenance manager knows, scheduling mandatory testing is an ongoing challenge. Every hour an asset is offline equals loss of revenue. Therefore, reducing inspection duration is key.

Leasing NDT equipment offers the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest technology: New, proven testing methods are constantly brought to market. However, when a company buys equipment, they typically need to own and use it for several years to justify the ROI. This removes the option to upgrade, leaving you with outdated or even obsolete technology. Leasing provides you with the flexibility to take full advantage of cutting-edge equipment as soon as it becomes available
  • Access to an extensive inventory of NDT equipment: Purchasing NDT equipment to cover every eventuality isn’t practical. Leasing or hiring brings an enormous catalogue of testing possibilities, whenever and wherever you need them

2: Financial Advantages

While there will remain situations where owning equipment is the most cost-effective, there are many instances where leasing can bring the following benefits:

  • No initial outlay or tied-up capital: Leasing removes the requirement to fund large, expensive NDT kit. It also takes away the ongoing expense of servicing and maintenance. This ensures the fluidity of company cash flow, allowing it to be directed towards other, more beneficial uses
  • Reduce carrying costs: For most operations, a hybrid lease and purchase blueprint works best. It’s often advantageous to buy NDT equipment that will be constantly used, or perhaps use a lease-to-purchase model. However, owning items that are only used sporadically ties up unnecessary funds. Leasing for the specific period they’re required can have a dramatically positive effect on overall asset carrying costs
  • No ongoing costs for repair and/or maintenance: When you lease NDT equipment, the rental company covers the costs and logistics
  • Advanced technology equals shorter asset downtime: Reducing the duration of NDT processes will substantially improve the amount of time assets are offline. This brings a massive financial advantage. In addition, it brings the option of proactive NDT testing, allowing more accurate calculation of meant time before failure (MTBF) and/or scheduling of wholly necessary maintenance
  • Equipment failure: A key benefit of leasing is that the lessor will typically repair or replace the equipment as quickly as possible in the event of equipment failure at no fault of the customer

3: Logistical Advantages

The logistics of ongoing NDT are a headache that every maintenance manager is all too familiar with. Leasing equipment is an effective solution that allows for:

  • Site delivery when and where you need it: Whatever the size of your NDT inventory and operations, kit is often needed in different locations. When you lease items, you can arrange for them to be delivered and collected directly to/from the site, rather than having to organise transportation. As well as reducing logistical effort, the responsibility for equipment damage in transit can be down to the company you rent from
  • Can cover workload shortfalls: You have finite capabilities when you own NDT equipment. Leasing makes it easy to increase testing capacities without an upfront outlay
  • Trial equipment to ensure that it’s fit for purpose: While demos and brief trials are all very well, the only way that you know an item of NDT kit is right for your needs is when it’s used in the field. In addition to a lease contract, lease-to-purchase or short-term hire also provides a cost-effective option

Nexxis leads the way with a leasing strategy that doesn’t simply offer the equipment, but also works with companies to find the answer to testing challenges. From custom solutions to advanced NDT systems, customers can benefit from cutting-edge technology without upfront costs. This, in combination with the Nexxis rental and purchasing options, provides organisations with a complete suite of equipment procurement.

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