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STV-3 Manhole Zoom Camera

Perfect sewer inspection camera for sewers, pipes, shafts, manholes, vessels, inspection points, separators and tanks.
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The STV-3 Manhole Zoom Camera with high-performance LED lights and user friendly control panel is perfect for inspecting sewers, pipes, shafts, manholes, vessels and tanks.

Images and videos can be stored at the integrated SD-memory stick or transmitted via USB to a connected PC/notebook and inserted into inspection reports according to DIN EN 13508-2, DIN 1999-100 or DIN 4040-100.

The integrated measuring laser with a range of 10 m allows measuring the dimensions of tanks. The pole camera is guided either manually by a telescopical pole system or via an optional support.

In addition, the camera suspension allows horizontal rotation to image the shaft channel. The wide-range zoom objective and special lighting characteristics allows a zoom in for assessing the cleanness of the pipelines and sewers to provide “Cleaning on demand”.

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  • Rugged:

Camera case filled with shielding gas at overpressure and fitted with pressure monitor. Can be tilted all the way from horizontal to vertical

  • Bright as daylight:

Huge lighting power (2000 lumen) thanks to 12 late-model LEDs for extended range.

  • Farsighted:

22x optical magnification plus additional digital zoom. Automatic focusing and manual focusing controlled by joystick

  • Convenient to operate:

Controls suited for a construction site with daylight TFT display and integrated SD card recorder

  • Record-making ability:

Image and video recording on an SD card and image transmission to tablet PC or notebook by pressing a button

  • Adaptable:

Choose from two rod systems: standard 26-ft telescope rod or rugged set of connecting rods reaching up to 52 ft.

  • Steady:

Aluminium tripod with swivel bearing for smooth camera operation, even at high zoom factors

  • Long-running:

Choice of power supply among 230 V AC, 12 V DC (car battery) or battery pack with 4 h life

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