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Waste Heat Recovery Unit

The key design requirements are for a system to travel up to 20m through a 24’’ header pipe and deploy a camera inspection system into the 12 adjacent 6’’ exchanger tubes.

Key Considerations:

• Primary robotic platform required to provide a stable platform for the secondary robotic system to be deployed from and recovered to.
• The design needed to provide protection to the secondary system’s tether from the 90° transitions
• The solution needs to provide a safe and functional method for recovery in the event of power loss or drive system failure
• The primary system is required to be able to adjust the height of the platform

RotoMag with UT Module

Nexxis designed a custom solution for internal visual and ultrasonic (UT) inspection of the Liquid Burning Flue stack. Spectrum SP90 Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Integration. UT Extension; Current UT cables are 30m long. UT cables will be extended and tested for signal to noise ratio and electrical noise. Couplant Deployment; To counter the head pressure of 70+m runs, Nexxis designed and implement a couplant delivery system. Cleaning Attachment; Nexxis designed and implement a light scale cleaning head with associated mudguard to reduce ferromagnetic material build-up on the crawler magnets.

Image of Magento 1


The Magneto platform is a new, leading-edge design, inspection robot being developed in collaboration by Australian companies, Nexxis and Data61 part of CSIRO. With electromagnetic feet and cutting-edge AI that allows it to climb and inspect vertical and complex industrial structures, Magneto is perfect for overcoming complex confined space entry inspections. Magneto’s electromagnetic feet have a high degree of freedom, giving the dexterity current inspection robotics lack and is often required during inspection for a smooth and time-efficient inspection of complex geometry and structure.


In-Service Diesel Tank Inspection

An Energy Operator approached Nexxis to develop a solution for inspection of their diesel tank while remaining in-service.
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Liquid Burning Flue Inspection

A mining company engaged Nexxis to review a solution for an internal visual and ultrasonic (UT) inspection of a Liquid Burning Flue.
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Magnapods: Highly Flexible Inspection Robots

Rapid advances in technology continue to bring ever-improved solutions to the crucial aspect of industrial equipment inspection.
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