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The DigiSewer 190 inspection camera is the perfect add-on to the DigiSewer Supervision, Rovion and Rovver inspection systems.
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The DigiSewer 190 is the perfect add-on to the DigiSewer Supervision, Rovion and Rovver inspection systems.

Wide Angle View

With its additional LED lights, the wide angle fish eye lens is able to view a 190° view of the pipe.

360° Pan/Tilt View

DigiSewer is the only system to feature a 360° virtual pan/tilt view. The user is able to choose the optimal sight with a virtual view to the unit’s back without a cable inhibiting view.

2D Pipe Imaging

WinCan ScanExplorer generates a 2D view of the pipe surface out of the analogue video recording. This 2D blank allows the user a complete overview of the pipe condition, providing precise localisation and measurement of any likely damages, laterals or joints.

Multiple Viewing Options

With the WinCan ScanExplorer you’re able to link and synchronize multiple high resolution views including front, detail or overview, with exact measurements of damages and overviews of the whole pipe surface.

Inclination Measurement
With its inclination sensor, DigiSewer is able to capture the inclination data and synchronise with the on screen view.  WinCan ScanExplorer then shows a diagram of the inclination state.

Customised Reporting
WinCan ScanExplorer allows the user to define customised reports. This self-defined data output can be easily exported to other software.

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Product Downloads
  • DigiSewer DSIII system fits pipe diameters from 150 mm to 1000 mm (5.9“ to 39.4“)
  • Camera Sensitivity better than 1 Lux
  • Resolution PAL 752 x 582 pixel
  • Manual Focus
  • Pixel PAL 440.000 on colour 1/3“ CCD
  • Automatic or manual shutter
  • Automatic white balance
  • Temperature 0° – 60° C
  • Optik Focal Length f = 2,8 ~ 3,4 mm
  • Temperature -10° bis +45° C
  • Angle 125° / 190° / 190° (vertical / horizontal / diagonal)
  • Constant crawler speed
  • Data can be saved for later analysis and reporting with the WinCam viewer
  • Automatic joint and lateral detection
  • Integrated and easy to use pre-size measurement functions
  • High operation speed
  • Automatic joint and lateral detection
  • Efficient algorithms save up to 5 km of inspection data on one DVD

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