Complex Project? Simple Solution.

VT100 – Going Beyond RVI With Debris Removal

When considering RVI limitations of size, distance, depth, and resistance or friction. How to enter, acquire, get there and get back determine the vehicle that can be used.

The Problem and Challenge


Robotic Crawler Solution

Risk assessment ruled out the wireless options. However, the development of a tether capable of 350Lb breaking strain was developed and manufactured as part of the solution. The risk of equipment stuck in a pipe far out weights this options so this needed to be the retrieval devise.

Climbing a vertical section of pipe requires a reduction of weight and needs a balance of strength to support the tether weight and crawler itself, so the use of an aluminum construction combined with the rare earth magnets allowed to overcome this.

Everything else including video streaming and data collection, various pipe sizes was achieved resulting in an RVI devise giving assurance to start up.



Added Benefits Discovered Along The Way

The Design criteria was achieved tested and deployed to the site there was one added benefit that was discovered and that being retrieval.

RVI give us the ability to assess and discuss the collection of data but what happens when the object is to find debris and its right there in front of us, what do we do? The added benefit with this device and the rare earth magnets was that the operator simply drove up to the item connected the magnet to the nut bolt welding rod that was left in the pipe and simply drive out.

Additionally, we gave the system a counter to measure the distance. Positons feedback to assist with location.


Head Office

12/55 Erceg Road Yangebup, Western Australia 6164
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