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Snowcat Crawler Applications

When it comes to remote visual inspection, few products have made such a significant impact on various industries as the Snowcat Crawler in such a short time. This innovative equipment has quickly gained recognition for its remarkable capabilities and versatility since its launch a few months ago.

For inspections in confined spaces, limited entry points, hazardous environments, or those that put humans at risk, the Snowcat Crawler is an ideal solution. This crawler has proven its worth in various situations, and it has been adapted to overcome specific application challenges.

The Snowcat Crawler is produced by Nexxis in conjunction with in-house manufacturing partner SixDe. Below are some case studies that demonstrate how the Snowcat Crawler has been used in various industries:

Oil & Gas

The Snowcat Crawler was used at an oil platform to collect data on pipes that connect the facility to the seabed, eliminating human risk and increasing efficiency. At another offshore platform, the device was customised to drive under pipework and other obstacles without compromising manoeuvrability or inspection capability.

Pressure Vessel Inspection

Modular attachment arms were designed to handle transition and traction challenges, and special NDT sensors were added to measure coating thickness and resistivity, allowing for effective inspection of complex geometric structures at a petrochemical facility.

Wind Turbine Inspections

The Snowcat Crawler can inspect deep inside big, heavy wind turbines, capturing high-quality video and still images with its HD zoom capabilities. This remote inspection ensures asset integrity and optimal operation, saves time and money, and eliminates human risk.

These are just a few examples of how the Snowcat Crawler’s capabilities and versatility have enabled it to deliver reliable visual inspection results across various applications. If your specific application requires a customised solution, Nexxis’ technical equipment experts can help. We carry a wide range of leading brands of robotic crawlers and cameras, including the Snowcat Crawler.

Discover more about this refreshing approach to robotic inspection or contact us today to see how we can best help your business.

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