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VUMAN® E3+ Videoscope System

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The VUMAN E3 series system is designed from the very beginning to meet or exceed any long-range inspection requirement with maximum performance and minimum disruption, it is the ultimate long range inspection system. The VUMAN E3 has a range of unique features that enable a wider range of inspections than any other product available on the market.


A fully integrated, ergonomic and robust control unit for the VUMAN system.  It can be stowed on the system within the housing, mounted on the integrated telescopic pole or used as a portable device (with neck strap).  Featuring a resistive, true colour, 10.4” touchscreen TFT with LED backlight and native resolution of 1024 x 768, viewing and use of the system is simple, straightforward and suitable for long duration inspection.


The proprietary pneumatic X-WAY articulation system allows for full 4 axis (up/down/left/right) articulation of all VUMAN X-WAY probes.  The system is controlled by the joystick on the VUSCREEN control unit and is powered by an integrated, computer controlled micro-compressor, so there is no need for external air sources or external gas canisters.

VUMAN V3 probes

The VUMAN V3 series of probes have been designed in close consultation with key industries and their associated applications in mind.  The range has been tailored to provide a universal solution to both current and future applications. The probes are sophisticated, class leading, interchangeable products.


A unique feature allowing quick and simple exchange of probes with the base unit if your inspection application requires the use of different diameters or lengths of probes. This avoids the need to carry multiple base units, ensures modular repair capability and allows for an overall cost effective solution.  In the event of use within a contaminated environment (i.e. chemical, nuclear, food, pharmaceutical), it also allows for the probe to be removed or disposed of without having to clean or dispose of the entire system.


The videoscope VUMAN® E3/E3+ enables easy and quick probe changes on-site with its INVIZ® interchangeable video probes. Different inspection requirements demand the operation of various video endoscope probes. Benefit from the wide range of INVIZ® interchangeable video probes from 6,4 mm to 12,7 mm diameter and working lengths from 5 m to 30 m.

The VUMAN E3 system is the best in its class, and if you have either an ordinary or extra-ordinary inspection requirement, the VUMAN E3 is the product that you need to do your job quickly, easily and efficiently.

Contact us to find out more about the VUMAN® E3+ Videoscope System any of our other videoscopes, or click to view our full pipe inspection camera range.



(B) 320 x (H) 30 x (T) 230 mm


1.6 kg


10.4“ touch screen

Transreflective LED backlight

Contrast 700:1

Brightness 700 cd/m²

True Color

Viewing angle in all directions +/- 90°


20m max


High efficiency LED illumination
7,8 Watt
Color temperature 6.500 K


Product Downloads

VUMAN E3 Spec Sheet
pdf 1 MB

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