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TransPort PT900 Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

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The TransPort PT900 is one of the newest portable ultrasonic flow meter. It is a clamp-on flow meter that attaches fixtures with transducers onto the outside of a pipe to measure flow within the pipe without cutting into the pipe or shutting down the process. A portable flow meter can be moved around to different measurement locations, making it useful for spot metering flow, checking other meters or for temporary installations.

The TransPort PT900 capitalizes on the ruggedness and superior performance of its predecessor, the Panametrics TransPort PT878, but incorporates a whole new level of intuitive and user-friendly capability from today’s smart device technology. TransPort PT900 features a totally new clamping fixture and a compact flow transmitter with streamlined user interface on a wireless or wired tablet. Regardless of your experience level, the TransPort is designed to be so easy to install and to use that it gives you confidence in the measurement. Suitable for most pipe sizes and materials, both lined and unlined. Suitable for virtually every industry that requires temporary or spot flow rate measurement. Suitable for many fluids, including potable water, wastewater, cooling and heating water, ultrapure water and other liquids such as water/glycol solutions, crude oil, refined hydrocarbons, chemicals and beverages.

  • A wide selection of transducers suitable for most applications
  • Wireless (Bluetooth®) or wired communication from tablet transmitter
  • Easy programming with bright touch screen and multiple-language user interface
  • Fast-responding, high-accuracy transmitter with green/red light health indication and 8 GB of datalogging storage
  • Velocity, volume, mass, totalizer and energy flow rate measurements
  • Easy-to-install clamping fixture

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IP65 rating

Weight: 3 lb (1.4 kg)
Size (h x w x md): 7.9 x 4.3 x 1.5 in. (200 x 109 x
Mounting: Soft strap around pipe or magnetic clamp

Digital Communication
Modbus via RS485 port
Bluetooth® wireless
Micro-USB port

Type: Lithium ion (high-energy, rechargeable)
Life (continuous operation): 18-20 hours
Life (power saver mode): >4 days
Charger: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60/Hz)
Charging Time: Up to 3 hours (from 0% to 100%)

Operating Temperature
Charge: 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
Discharge: -20 to 55°C (-4 to 131°F)

Product Downloads

PT900 Portable Spec Sheet
pdf 2 MB

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