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SNK 60x

The pan-tilt-zoom camera SNK 60x by viZaar is an inspection camera for remote visual inspection of tanks, containers and large pipes. The SE40 is an all in one handy inspection kit.
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With its extensive range of accessories and the different versions with LED or halogen lighting and optional aluminium or stainless steel housing, the SNK is ideally adaptable to your inspection environment. Whether in liquids or in the air, the SNK 60x can be used everywhere.

All about the SNK 60x

  • Pan-tilt function for complete all-round view
  • Up to 60x zoom for smallest detail resolution. Leave no details hidden – even at long distances
  • Separately controllable lighting for best possible illumination and failure detection optional battery operation up to 5h
  • X/Y position display for comprehensible orientation and documentation
  • Automatic saving of the camera position – recall the positions at any time and move to them again
  • Waterproof to 50 m depth
  • System cables in different lengths, up to 150 m
  • Aramid fibre reinforced cable (Kevlar®) with highly robust stainless steel plug for durability and safety
  • Digital image processing via Matrix E3 documentation unit
  • Always optimally equipped with the extensive range of accessories
  • Easy set up and putting into service through plug-and-play

Pan-tilt camera with 60x zoom

Detect the smallest details even at great distances! With the 60x zoom of the SNK 60x, you can obtain conclusive images for your visual inspection even at greater distances. Discover the smallest cracks, changes in welds and other critical defects with the zoom and high resolution. In addition, the latest version of our pan-tilt camera has a macro function that gives you even more precise details even at a distance of a few millimetres from the test object.

Tank inspections – as mobile as never before Do you work in critical environments such as the chemical industry, where there is not always access to power outlets? No problem with the new SNK 60x! There is no need for problematic cable extensions. Instead, you can now operate the SNK 60x in battery mode for up to 5 hours without the need of an external power supply. Equip yourself with as many batteries as you need. The standard 36V Bosch battery can be purchased anywhere. Our new accessory case offers space for two of them and an external charger.

The SNK 60x is especially used in the following sectors:

  • Inspection of large-volume components with increased need for illumination, all-round view and zoom, such as tanks, vessels, boilers, chimneys or manholes.
  • Inspection of agitators and their components in reactors and tanks
  • Under water, e.g. inspection of ship bottoms, cisterns and water storage basins
  • In the pharmaceutical industry
  • In the nuclear sector
  • In the food industry

Contact us to find out more about the SNK 60x or any of our other PTZ Camera Systems, or request a quote online.

Product Downloads

7″ LCD (800*480)

Sensor: 1 /4 color CMOS Lens : f=3.6, F=2.3
Vew Angel: 90°
Lighit: 12 LED lights Waterproof: IP67
Carner size: 40mm Rotating : 360 °rotating Back/up : 180°
Focus: manual adjustable

Material: Fiber cable Diameter : 5.5mm Length: 30m
Removable Battery
Capacity: 11.1V, 7000MAH
Removable Structure
Battery indicator

Two way handle-wheel
Diameter: 8mm
Longth: 1.5m-3m
FOV: 10-1 00mm/25-oo Bengding angle: two way, >120°

Video/ Photo
Working Time: More than 4 hours
Working temperature: -10°C-50°C Language : 8 languge

640*480 ASF
Memory: 8G (standard) Maximum 32G

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