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INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y Videoscope

Available for:

  • Buy Outright
  • Rent to Buy
  • Long Term Lease
  • Short Term Rental

The video borescope with the high power polymer fibre hybrid LED light source, the INVIZ® interchangeable video probe concept, the patented Remote Focus technology and many new additional features sets the standard of video endoscopes & borescopes.

Remote Visual Inspection:

  • Remote Visual Inspection in turbines / generators
  • Remote Visual Inspection in refineries
  • Remote Visual Inspection in tanks / vessels
  • Remote Visual Inspection in nuclear industry
  • Remote Visual Inspection in pharmaceutical industry / food industry
  • Remote Visual Inspection in power generation
  • Remote Visual Inspection in wind energy / wind farms
  • Remote Visual Inspection in buildings / constructions


Extended inspection software

Extend your video endoscope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y with individual software kits for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). Save your inspection data (images and videos) onto the internal SSD and start measurements with the additional measurement function.



High end INVIZ® video endoscope probes

Benefit from the patented Remote Focus for always focused inspection results. The new high power dual LED light source provides perfect illumination with the video endoscope’s two separately adjustable light outputs.



The high end video endoscope for industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

The robust and compact Carbon construction and the patented drum storage enable easy handling and a clean working environment. The video endoscope provides the X-WAY video endoscope articulation without external air supply.



Interchangeable INVIZ® video probes

The video endoscope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y enables easy and quick probe changes on-site with its INVIZ® interchangeable video probes. Different inspection requirements demand the operation of various video endoscope probes. Benefit from the wide range of INVIZ® interchangeable video probes from 6,4 mm to 12,7 mm diameter and working lengths from 5 m to 30 m.

The video borescope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y means increased effectiveness and efficiency.

The video borescope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y will increase user safety and reduce production down-time by eliminating any tripping hazard and the need for heavy external equipment. The video borescope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y is a fully integrated, lightweight, mobile and compact video borescope inspection system. Unique, patented technologies and design concepts such as “RF Remote Focus”, an integrated high performance light and air supply, optimal video probe length and operation from the reel, ensure on site independence with minimal set up time.

To find out more about the INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y Videoscope or any of our other RVI inspection camera equipment, contact us today.

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