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inviZ® FOSAR retrieval tools kit Pro

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  • Rent to Buy
  • Long Term Lease
  • Short Term Rental

Plan for the unexpected. Be ready for foreign object removal jobs.

Whether in combination with the VUMAN® industrial Borescope or other remote visual equipment, these retrieval tools are at the cutting edge of FOSAR (Foreign Object Search and Retrieval) technology.

Good FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) programs minimise FOD (Foreign Object Debris) but problems still occur and often at the worst moment. FOD can be almost anything, from a lost fastener to a dropped mobile phone. When FOD shows up results can be destructive, dangerous and massively expensive.

viZaar® retrieval tools can turn an emergency into a retrieval triumph. Having a viZaar® Retrieval Tools Kit on-hand during inspection procedures and maintenance overhaul outages should be standard operating procedure for all professional and responsible inspectors.

Like many viZaar® products, the design of these retrieval tools is based on real-world experience gained during countless hours spent in-field. viZaar® offers a large number of retrieval tools and for convenience these tools have been bundled into practical kits.

To find out more about the INvIZ Retrieval tools kit Pro or any of our other FOSAR equipment, contact us today.



INvIZ® Retrieval tools kit Pro

  • Motorized retrieval tool inviZ® gr 8
  • Motorized retrieval tool inviZ® gr 16
  • stainless steel wire snare
  • retrieval magnets
  • Hook tool
  • adjustable elbow
  • led flash light
  • tool set
  • accessory set
  • glass fiber push pole set
  • operating instructions

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The inviZ® gr 8 is a motorized gripper, fixed and powered through a flexible and robust glass fiber push rod. it is designed to retrieve smaller and medium size items.

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