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Parallelism Measurement – A Key Factor For Top Product Quality

E975 Parallelism Measurement

Many operations such as those in the steel fabrication, pulp and paper, printing and  manufacturing industries use machinery containing rollers, idlers, press drums and web handling systems and the integrity of the process and the quality of the products depends on how well this equipment performs.

Straightness measurement is carried out regularly to ensure that machines perform at their peak, but there’s another less common but no less important task which is crucial, and that is parallelism measurement.

This is an essential procedure in many manufacturing operations where materials pass over rollers (for example during laminating or metal machining) and where any misalignment will cause the materials to stretch unevenly, deform or even break completely.    Parallelism measurement verifies the position of rolls and web handling equipment and ensures that they are aligned correctly.

When parallelism measurement isn’t done (or isn’t done properly), it can result in:

  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Poor quality outputs
  • Costly downtime
  • Lost productivity
  • Wasted material

It’s very evident that the alignment of roll systems is crucial in a wide variety of industrial applications as well for the optimum functioning of press machine tables, rails, overhead tracks and metal sheet cutting machines.

Historically, optical tools such as theodolites and telescope bars were used to perform parallelism measurement but these methods are outdated, time-consuming, expensive and in some cases, impractical to use.  Surprisingly, despite their drawbacks and despite the availability of new, advanced and highly efficient laser technology, some organisations are still making use of these traditional tools.

Advantages of laser alignment products for parallelism measurement

Laser alignment is an advanced technology that enables precise and efficient checking of machinery and correction of flaws.  It removes much of the guesswork and subjectivity of traditional tools and gets the job done faster, more easily and more accurately.

A red laser beam is used to measure parallelism and given that the beam has no weight or volume, it means the system is easy to manoeuvre and easy to operate.  Operators can quickly identify and solve misalignment problems on site and carry out preventative maintenance which avoids unnecessary equipment breakdowns, costly downtime and production losses.    Laser systems can also be used for numerous other alignment functions such as flatness measurement and shaft alignment, which makes them a very useful asset for any maintenance department.

In brief, laser alignment systems are:

  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Easy to set up and simple to use
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective

Traditional methods

The traditional method of measuring parallelism using a laser beam involves directing the beam along the machine perpendicular to the measurement object, with the beam being deflected at 900 by a penta prism.  When the penta prism is moved along the machine in the direction of the beam, a large number of objects on large machines can be measured.

Using any roll or base line as a reference, the completed measurement reveals the mutual parallelism of the measurement object or objects in relation to the base line.  This is represented in both graphic and digital format.

Innovative new product revolutionises parallelism measurement

The launch of a totally new measurement system designed specifically for roll parallelism is a game-changer.

The Easy-Laser E975 Roll Alignment system comprises a laser transmitter, display unit with guiding software and a compact angle detector unit.  The innovative design of this system eliminates any risk of the laser beam being accidentally moved, making it totally reliable and precise.   No stand is required, and since the laser transmitter is positioned on the inside of the roll package, operators need not concern themselves about any machine protection or frames on the side of the equipment.

This system is good news for any manufacturing or industrial operation which values the importance of consistent quality and puts it on the top of their agenda because it delivers accurate and reliable parallelism measurements, quickly and cost-effectively.

To find out about how the Easy-Laser can help your company achieve top product quality, contact us. We specialise in the sale, leasing and rental of reliable non-destructive testing and remote visual inspection equipment that enhances organisational performance.

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