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Why The Mentor Visual iQ Offers Accurate Measurement For The Energy Industry


When it comes to the safety and integrity of equipment and systems in the energy industry, even the smallest flaw can have a massive impact.  There’s simply no room for error or complacency because the outcomes can be catastrophic.

And that’s why technician inspectors across the spectrum of the energy industry including oil and gas extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution have welcomed the new Mentor Visual iQ video borescope so enthusiastically.

Remote visual inspection (RVI) of energy plant machinery and equipment which is difficult to access such as turbines, pipelines, underwater structures and heat exchangers is crucial and this advanced new borescope with its expanded feature range has helped them do their job more easily, more effectively, more reliably and with greater accuracy than ever before.

The Mentor Visual iQ’s state-of-the-art 3D phase measurement is one of its cutting edge features that make it such a standout device in the energy industry.   It’s a huge step up from conventional 2D representation which has shortcomings in that it doesn’t always expose the full extent of the flaw – with the Mentor Visual iQ’s 3D measurement enabling significantly faster and more accurate detection of indications.  Apart from the obvious benefits of speed and precision, this triangular imaging technology also reduces the number of false calls and gives technicians the vital peace-of-mind that their assets are performing optimally.

The Mentor Visual iQ is one of the most advanced video borescopes on the market. Thanks to its state-of-the-art 3D Phase Measurement and analysis, the Mentor Visual IQ VideoProbe detects visual indications such as corrosion, blockages and cracking quickly and precisely. Contact Us to find out more about the Mentor Visual iQ or any of our other remote visual inspection rentals, or Request a Quote for the Mentor Visual iQ through our online system.

Further reasons why the Mentor Visual iQ offers such accurate measurement for the energy industry is that it offers higher image quality, improved illumination through high intensity LED lighting and wireless connectivity.  These are critically important when it comes to the accurate detection of visual indications such as corrosion, blockages, cracking, weld failures, pitting, coating loss, surface damage because technicians not only get a clearer picture of the inspection area, they can also collaborate with other experts in real time, share screens and images and make faster, more informed decisions.

The device also offers optic flexibility through the interchangeable probes.  These come in multiple lengths and diameters with advanced tip optics (such as tilt and zoom capabilities) and are guided along the internal and external passages of plant and equipment by an inspector using a joystick.

And just like much of the equipment in the energy industry, the videoprobe is built tough to handle rugged environments.  It will continue to deliver crystal clear visuals supported by advanced analysis capabilities even with prolonged usage, helping to ensure the safety and integrity of assets whilst reducing downtime, facilitating the planning of repairs and preventative maintenance and minimising the likelihood of costly (and possibly even catastrophic) equipment breakdown or failure.

The Mentor Visual iQ has quickly become an indispensible inspection device across the whole energy industry and the good news for Australian businesses operating in this sector is that it is available for purchase or for lease from us. Contact us today for a quote.

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