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Hardness Testing Made Easy

The Krautkramer MIC 20 Hardness Tester.

The hardness of a material is its ability to resist scratching, abrasion, cutting, wear and tear, indentation and penetration.

Measuring hardness isn’t done in terms of units of mass, length and time, but rather by a defined measurement procedure which has been made far easier over the years through advances in various hardness testing technologies and equipment innovations.

There are two different methods for hardness testing namely the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) method and the dynamic rebound method which are used across a variety of coatings and castings including metals, plastics, rubber and special materials.

The UCI method is generally recommended for fine-grained materials, those within close tolerances, welded components and heat-affected zones while rebound hardness testing (the ‘dynamic’ method) is predominantly done on large components with rough surfaces and forged, rolled and cast materials.  It’s also typically used to test solid steel workpieces and for material sorting.

Different instruments have been developed for the different methods (and there are some that are capable of doing both!), with equipment options ranging from compact, mobile tools which are especially efficient in hard-to-access areas to more substantial devices.

Hardness testing is ‘child’s play’!

To demonstrate how easy hardness testing is, here’s a brief summary of some of the most popular hardness testers in the world and how they work.  If you need a hardness tester, our experts at Nexxis have the technical knowledge and industry experience to guide your equipment choices and we can tailor-make a solution that meets all of your operational and financial objectives.


DynaPOCKET Hardness Tester

The patented technology of this compact, mobile device turns hardness testing of large, non-transportable components into child’s play, especially in places where access is restricted due to the geometry of the test object.   It operates according to the rebound method which offers high precision and repeatability with extremely high levels of test reliability.

  • Straightforward, cable-free operation
  • Impact device and display unit integrated in one unit
  • Smaller and faster than comparable models
  • Only takes a few seconds to switch on, measure and read results
  • Offers complete measurement set, with conversions available to a range of hardness scales (including HL Leeb, HB Brinell, HRB Rockwell B and C, HV Vickers, N/mm2 and tensile strength)

Krautkramer MIC 10

This instrument uses the UCI method and enables quick and easy hardness measurement using electrical measurement and display of the Vickers diamond indent.

  • Small and lightweight, delivering operational ease
  • No cumbersome optical evaluation
  • Versatile in application and storage
  • Measures in any direction, eg horizontal or overhead
  • Reports can be printed or data transferred to PC
  • Handheld or motorised

Krautkramer MIC20

Get the best of both worlds with this device which combines both test methods in one mobile unit – ‘twin-pack’ hardness testing!  The device automatically sets to the corresponding method as soon as it is connected to a probe or a rebound impact device with measurements done in seconds, with guaranteed reliable results.

  • Double benefits
  • Extremely easy handling for daily testing situations
  • Universal device, unlimited applications
  • Field-orientated ease of operation
  • Straightforward data memory, with versatile analysis functions

This brief snapshot illustrates just how easy it is to test the hardness of a huge variety of materials and components, even in tricky places.  But whilst these handheld units do all the work for you, don’t be misled by their apparent simplicity.  These are highly advanced technical devices with extraordinary capabilities – and if you want to put them to the test, we’d be delighted to help you find the most appropriate one for your needs.

Contact us here for more information on the best device to fulfil your hardness testing requirements with ease and precision.

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