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Global collaboration, solution services… welcome to 2018

Everything we do at Nexxis is always geared to helping clients operate more productively and effectively, by using the most innovative technology and equipment available.

Our traditional offering of renting, leasing and buying equipment absolutely remains a core part of our business. However, in 2018 we’re pleased to announce a new approach and additional service.

We’re complementing what we already do with a deliberate shift in our offering that embraces a greater emphasis on solutions and collaboration with our growing network of global partners.

Put simply, we see this as an effective way to provide companies and industries in Australia with greater benefit; faster access to a larger range of leading-edge equipment and innovative NDT, RVI and robotic technologies from around the world.


  1. Innovative technology

The fundamentals of our business – technology, flexibility and innovation – will continue to be the driver and foundation of our enhanced capability.

We envisage that our unrivalled reputation as being the go-to robotics provider for a big list of tier one clients across multiple sectors will only be enhanced.


  1. Independent advice

 Intentionally, we remain an independent operation, allowing us to provide the best and most productive solutions to address your challenges. No bias, no agenda.

We prefer a collaborative approach, engaging with a wide range of the world’s best technology providers to ensure you have access to the most suitable solutions. We continue to research and build relationships with providers to ensure we can offer the best range of fit-for-purpose solutions in the Australasian market.


  1. Global collaboration – what to look out for

 Our extensive network of channel partners continues to grow. This provides you with the latest technology and innovations from around the world. Our foundation is built on collaboration – we find the best and draw on their expertise with strategic channel partnership agreements. Here’s a snapshot of our partners:

  • Inuktun: A leader in bespoke custom robotic solutions and long-range crawler systems with endless sensor adaption and magnetic range. This year, Inuktun’s Laser Profiler (patent pending) will be released, a new technology designed to provide high-resolution internal pipeline measurements before and after rehabilitation.
  • Crystal-Cam: Offers high-quality cameras and imaging products for divers, ROV operators and OEMs.
  • ViZaar: Supporting the most sophisticated long range borescope up to 30m with patented remote focus capabilities.
  • Eddyfi: Completely technology driven and pushing the boundaries of physics when it comes to the aspects of Non-Destructive testing and custom probe designs.
  • Riezler: Reliable, dedicated CCTV inspection systems continually developing new technology.
  • GE’s inspection robotics: Providing inspection systems and software with 3D visualisation for vessel inspections. Equally as impressive has been GE’s determination to establish local capabilities and engage home grown talent.
  • Partners & MOUs: Our talent pool is largely due to MOUs with universities such as Edith Cowan, and engagement on collaboration projects with Data61 and CSIRO.
  • Magneto platform: Developed as a base platform for user integration and adaptions using legged robotic AI technology to navigate obstacles and electromagnetics to climb vertically, over and under objects.


  1. Our operating focus

While we forecast an exciting year of growth ahead, at Nexxis we maintain the same resolution:  Meet industry challenges in remote inspection and non-destructive testing through continuous improvement that surpasses all expectations.
The Nexxis approach to offer flexibility for clients via the Rent, Lease or Buy model remains core to our business. It allows our clients to test the waters and understand how we work, and it allows us to understand our clients’ needs.

Rental allows new clients to find us and explore our range while allowing the Nexxis team to learn the workings of a business or project and to establish relationships. It helps us discover who to talk to, what the immediate and ongoing needs are and how we can help in the future.

Clients who know us, partner with us and maintain relationships over time soon grow to understand that we offer far more than off the shelf products. We deliver a broad range of innovative technical solutions, from custom robotics to advanced engineering and design, to more cost-effective, faster and smarter ways of solving problems, always with a focus on reducing risk.

Helping you access the smartest and most productive options to solve your challenges and improve outcomes is our key focus for 2018.

Welcome to a new year of greater global collaboration, more choice of smarter technology and equipment, and a more deliberate focus on solution-based services.

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