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Food & Beverage Industry: Quality Control and the Mentor Visual IQ

As everyone knows, cleanliness and quality control are the most critical issues in the food and beverage industry where even the smallest error or oversight can have devastating consequences.

To make sure that there are no lapses in quality control, all equipment, processes and procedures have to be carefully monitored and evaluated.  Visual inspection is vital to ensure that everything is in optimal working order so that there’s no risk of inferior product or risk of contamination – both of which could have a serious impact on the organisation’s bottom line, their reputation and even their future.

Occupational health and safety is another key issue – and those in the food and beverage industry also have to take the appropriate steps to ensure employee and visitor safety at all times.  And that’s why it is critically important that there’s no compromise when it comes to inspecting and testing equipment to evaluate its condition and to identify any potential problems.


Just as the food and beverage industry is all about precise measurements and strict adherence to prescribed recipes and processes, the equipment used to inspect assets needs to be equally precise, reliable and accurate – time after time.  It’s no surprise then that a popular choice of video borescope for remote visual inspection is the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe.

This technologically advanced yet easy-to-use video borescope is ideal for use in the food and beverage industry to test for common problems relating to cleanliness and contamination, as well as testing for high purity weld integrity.  Its high-performance design and superior features enable technicians to quickly and accurately test for weld root defects and blockages which may attract biological growths as well as test for other common problems in glass lined tubes and vessels used in the food and beverage industry.  These problems include impact damage, thermal shock damage, lining fracture, nozzle and jacket connections, over-tightening of fixing and improper cleaning or contamination – all of which could have serious consequences.

There’s certainly no room for error and the precision of the Mentor Visual IQ makes it a trustworthy and reliable resource for remote visual inspection (RVI).  The unit combines advanced fibre optic technology, a powerful light source and a fixed focus high definition camera to deliver more precise detection of irregularities or problems – plus it offers the flexibility of supporting multiple probes of differing lengths and diameters.  An internet connection makes it possible for inspection technicians to connect with others via the internet in real-time to enable greater collaboration and expedite decision-making.

If your food and beverage operation has a need for inspection cameras and you want accurate results, compliance with prescribed standards, improved productivity and enhanced health and safety, contact us today.

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