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FAQ: What are the technical benefits of renting?

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Benefits of Renting Equipment part 1 of 3: Technical Benefits

For anyone that’s owned a smart phone, laptop, tablet or television, an all too familiar event is your device being overtaken by a newer technology, model or version in a matter of years (or sometimes months).  The new product is often technically superior and would likely streamline and improve your experience with the device and it’s use.  Because technology advances so rapidly, the same occurrence can be observed in the pipe inspection camera RVI and NDT equipment market.  This is an important factor in determining if a rental is a better option for your business or project, than a purchase.  Here are a few of the technical benefits of renting;

Technical benefits:

  1. Obsolescence: As the technology upgrades in the manufacturing process, so does the inspection and testing standards and methodologies. Owning equipment involves the risk of being handicapped with equipment which is slower and less efficient compared to newer models. Nexxis constantly upgrades its fleet, keeping the latest types and models of equipment available.
  2. No calibration / maintenance required: Renting removes the burden of calibrating and maintaining equipment and ensures that you have access to calibrated and properly maintained equipment.
  3. Breakdown: Without exception, all the equipment while in use are subject to breakdown. When a rental equipment breaks down, we always replace this at no extra cost.
  4. Technical Support: When you rent from Nexxis, you will have the support of an experienced team of product experts, who will help you get the most from your equipment.

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