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Crystal Cam For Mining – Case Study

Even after five years of weekly use navigating and inspecting underground boreholes in the rugged conditions of a Canadian goldmine, the Crystal Cam Amber micro video camera is still meeting its inspection objectives.

Crystal Cam Amber Pipe Inspection Camera

Five years ago, the Agnico Eagle gold mine in Val D’Or in Quebec needed a small diameter camera with integrated lights for exploration drilling purposes.  The camera would be used in vertical, horizontal and diagonal exploration drilling.

The cost was an important consideration plus the equipment needed to be sufficiently robust to handle the tough conditions 500m below ground.

They chose the Crystal CamR because of its competitive pricing and its durable epoxy design.  The camera head of this device is completely encased in transparent epoxy, making it virtually indestructible plus its integrated high intensity LED lighting met the client’s illumination requirements.

Agnico Eagle ended up with the standard Crystal CamR Amber Turnkey System with an Inuktun Electric Winch and a video amplifier in the controller which more than doubled the equipment’s operational length to over 500m (1700 feet).

The original Crystal Cam tether was replaced by a stronger VT100 cable after it was found to be unsuitable for this particular application.

Five years after the camera was purchased, the only maintenance required has been repairs to the tether and the equipment is still being used on a weekly basis.

The Crystal Cam can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into a complete robotic system using ROVs, robotic crawlers or manipulator’s arms, depending on the specific application.  In this instance, the customer provided the equipment for moving the camera through the borehole.

Its surprisingly low price is just one of the reasons why the Crystal Cam® Amber is so popular around the world.

The camera’s lightweight and compact design means it’s portable and highly versatile, plus it can operate in air or underwater.  It can easily fit through small openings and is the ideal solution for many different applications including the internal inspection of pipes, confined spaces, wells, pilings, caissons and chimneys.

The built-in LED lighting is very effective in low light environments and because the camera head is completely encased in transparent epoxy, the unit is virtually indestructible.  There’s also an optional battery pack for remote operation and the unit can be mounted to virtually any surface including ROVs and robotic crawlers.

Crystal Cam’s extensive range of remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing products are now available in Australia from leading technology solutions company, Nexxis.  To find out more or for a tailor-made solution to any inspection or non-destructive testing challenge, please contact us.

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