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Category: Video

Tuesday May 19th 2020

Camera Facts: What’s the difference between…

Depending on the camera you’re using, you may get the option to adjust the…
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Wednesday January 2nd 2019

New Arrival: Extending Our Ultra Long-range…

Prepare to be amazed by the latest inclusion to the Nexxis custom robotics rental…
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Wednesday August 3rd 2016

Reconfiguring the VT100™ – Video

Reconfiguring the VT100™ to fit different pipe sizes couldn’t be easier. Check out our…
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Friday July 1st 2016

Camera Facts: CMOS vs. CCD

CCD and CMOS are two types of image sensors used in digital video cameras.…
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Monday March 14th 2016

Burn Rubber

Flir have fun using their infrared imaging equipment on a race car putting pedal…
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Monday March 14th 2016

5G Internet driving NDT Growth

The NDT market is expected to surge as 5G communication networks move toward a…
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Friday March 11th 2016

Fun Friday: Rough Terrain RVI

One of the obstacles of using inspection cameras (RVI) can be the presence of…
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Friday February 26th 2016

The Future of 3D Mapping Technology

When the Google Nexus smartphone blasts off into space, it will be taking cutting…
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Thursday February 18th 2016

Robot vs. Tiger

Check out what happens when National Geographic photographer Steve Winter sets up a Remote…
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Monday February 15th 2016

Mission to Mars: One Year in…

Equipped with cutting edge RVI equipment, including a panoramic camera, a thermal emission spectrometer…
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