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Always Stay Focused with the INVIZ® Video Borescope “Remote Focus”

INVIZ Remote Focus 4 Diagram

Always Stay Focused with the INVIZ® Video Borescope Video Probes


RF (Remote Focus) with patented LLP (Linear Lens Positioning) means no detail is missed (30µm resolution at 2mm distance = 1/33 mm)

Save time, money and improve inspection results. From close up to distant focus, fingertip control adjusts the image quality quickly and accurately.

Video borescopes need to bring light into the dark. Taking advantage of the innovation and performance boost of the polymer fibre hybrid LED’s, these new VUMAN® video borescope versions deliver a homogenous RAY of light, with far better performance, illumination, reproducibility, constant light color and no wearing, than many heavy gas discharge light sources.


Video borescope 2mm close up, Remote Focus adjusted Video Borescope Far focus ∞, in DN 500 using long time exposure

2mm close up, Remote Focus adjusted    Far focus ∞, in DN 500 using long time exposure

  • The high power LED light source with lifetime guarantee provides powerful and constant homogeneous illumination. Constant colour spectrum throughout the whole, extremely long lifetime enable best colour reproduction and highest efficiency.
  • INVIZ “RF ready” video borescope probes allow a wide range of Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) to be carried out quickly and accurately and without the need to change optical adapters – from very small access tubes to long distance inspection in huge cavities.
  • [x-way], 360° articulating video borescope camera head with easy remote joystick operation.
  • Always in focus with the exclusive viZaar linear lens positioning.The new standard in Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). Developed by our German engineering team, it provides the best video borescope optical system performance and image quality around.

INVIZ® Video Borescope Video Probe diagram

1) NEW and unique! Remote Focus. Always stay focused without changing adapters

2) Conventional fix focus video borescope systems

3) Typical conventional video borescope tip adapter

4) Depth of illumination – depending on environment

5) UNLIMITED – “Remote Focus” means every inspection can be carried out in one Remote Visual Inspection

6) LIMITED (tip adapter) – A tip adapter is very limited; to complete a Remote Visual Inspection several may be required. Tip adapters absorb light, reducing image clarity.

7) Depth of focus & depth of illumination.

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