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Zenith: Conquering Vertical Space Inspection Tasks with Ease

Zenith: Conquering vertical space inspection tasks with ease

Vertical space inspections have long been a challenge to be overcome. Historical solutions have involved extended asset shutdown, rope access, scaffolding and more. As well as the time and expense involved, the risks such inspections present are extensive.

Thankfully, technology now exists that removes all of these issues. Automated inspection devices, such as Zenith, have brought simplicity to vertical space tasks that was a mere pipedream even a decade ago.

Zenith Demystified

So what is Zenith, exactly? In short, it’s an innovative inspection camera that can be introduced to any vertical asset, no matter how difficult the entry access might be. Created by Interactive Ariel, it provides enhanced videos and images that are easily gained in a matter of hours (including setup time) by a single inspector, with no need to enter the asset.

Applications that Zenith is ideal for include:

  • Oil & gas assets
  • Stacks
  • Large buildings
  • Power generation assets
  • Maritime assets
  • Pulp & paper vertical assets, such as HD towers
  • Vessels

Zenith offers many advantages over drones and UAVs. Thanks to the multiple configuration options available, it’s possible to site the camera in virtually any location, even if the entry point is way offset to where the tripod support stands. From here, the operator uses an intuitive controller to lower Zenith into the vertical space, capturing images, videos and zooming in and rotating through 360o as needed.

Designed with ease of inspection in mind, no prior training is needed to operate Zenith. It’s even designed to be used whilst wearing protective work gloves.

Automated and Repeatable Inspections: the Zenith Advantage

While many robotic innovations are looking to evolve further into advantages, such as the ability to return to defects and calculate their progress, this is already something that’s already been built into the Zenith capability.

  • The ease of deployment – with an inspection typically taking an hour or less – allows users to track defects and save money
  • Equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries designed to last for hours, meaning they last throughout the entire inspection.
  • 30x optical zoom, 4K video recording and 18MP still photos come as standard
  • 10,000 lumens integral lights illuminate even the smallest of defects
  • Built with safety features and an ergonomic design result in a simple-to-use, inspector friendly experience
  • Extension arms and modular winch means they’ll never be a need for the operator to break the plane for confined space entry
  • The operator can be up to 3,000 feet (over 900 metres) away from the tripod, thanks to the winch acting as a signal repeater
  • Real-time inspection data is available throughout the operation
  • Has incredible secondary payload capabilities, allowing Zenith to be customised to suit bespoke inspection tasks. This also allows the camera to carry far superior imaging technology than UAVs, leading to more advanced and accurate inspections
  • Large, multiple viewing screens allow others to view the inspection away from the operation

Zenith is just one example of the latest tech that Nexxis matches to their customer’s needs. It’s an exciting time for NDT, with advanced equipment breaking down barriers, reducing inspection times, costing less and making hazardous tasks a thing of the past.

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