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Why Using Pre-Cut Shims Is Best For Machine Alignment

Who’s guilty of using homemade shims?  When realigning machinery, improvising with whatever’s on hand to make a shim can be tempting. It’s quick, it’s easy. But it’s also low quality, potentially dangerous and can throw your machine alignment off costing you time and money and reducing the lifespan of your equipment.

Using pre-cut professionally made shims, you’re ensuring consistent results and an easy and precise alignment every time.

Advantages of Pre-Cut Shims

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Having a selection of pre-cut shims on hand means you’ve always got the right shim for the right task. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a range of sizes and thicknesses on hand. Using more than five shims for any job is not recommended, so having a few thick shims on hand reduces the need to bulk up the space with added homemade jobs.

Correctly Sized Bolt Slots

Having shims pre-cut with the right sized bolt slots also saves a mountain of time and hassle. Remember that a wider bolt slot is better as it lessens the chance of getting the shim stuck.

Even Shim Surface

Using precisely engineered pre-cut shims means you can trust the shim is perfectly even over the entire surface, something that can’t be assured using homemade or improvised shims.

Easy to Use

Pre-cut shims also have the benefit of dedicated tabs which makes insertion and removal all the easier.

High Quality Materials

Shims made of high quality steel will also resist corrosion from alkali or acid exposure so you can be assured your pre-cut shims will last a lifetime.

Workplace Safety

Another advantage of pre-cut shims is that there’s none of the burs or sharp edges and corners that come all too easily with quick homemade jobs, so you’ll also be improving the safety of your workplace.

Better shims mean better machine alignment which means better machine operation. So, why waste time and effort on using homemade shims when a pre-cut shim not only does a more precise job, it protects your machinery and makes your realignment job a whole lot easier and safer?

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