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Video Borescopes For Metal Casting

Cast metal parts for industrial applications such as in offshore oil and gas operations, the aerospace and automotive industries, biomedicine and power generation require the highest standards of precision, performance and safety.

Visual inspection plays a crucial role in ensuring that these cast parts meet the required standards and that there are no defects or foreign object debris (FOD) that could compromise outcomes down the track.

Going back a step, metal casting is a manufacturing process by which molten metal is poured into a mould which has been created from an exact replica or pattern of the object to be cast.   The pattern determines the casting form and for a quality casting that is exactly as it is intended, the pattern has to be very carefully designed, constructed and finished.

When the metal cools and solidifies, the metal takes the shape of the mould or cavity to create the desired shape – which is often an intricate one with complex (and often very narrow) internal passageways.

The casting form is the end product of the casting process and any defects such as blockages in the passageways, cracks or foreign object debris such as slag or burs can negatively impact the integrity and quality of the form.

That’s why video borescopes have become an indispensable asset in the metal casting industry, enabling professionals to inspect components for defects and ensuring that the finished casting form measures up to exact specifications.

Videoscope VUCAM XO Borescope for Remote Visual inspection (RVI)

In many applications, and particularly in the harsh marine environment of the offshore oil and gas industry, metal castings have to deliver quality, durability and reliability in the face of tough operating conditions.  The high level of precision required for these casted components requires a high level inspection system – and advanced video borescopes are ideal for these components and these conditions because they enable remote visual inspection with crystal clear pictures of the internal workings.

There are many different types of video borescope on the market and it can be challenging to find the right one.  The ideal solution is not to look at each inspection challenge in isolation, but to take a holistic view of the operation’s overall needs so as to find a wide-ranging solution which meets operational, financial and strategic objectives.

Nexxis is a leading provider of technical equipment in Australia, differentiating itself from other suppliers by bringing decades of field experience to solve its customers’ inspection and testing challenges.  For more information on video borescopes for metal casting and other applications, get in touch with us.

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