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Tips & Tricks: Inspecting and Cleaning your Video Borescope

Using your Video Borescope to inspect and maintain your assets is only part of the job.  As any tradesman or technician will tell you, preparation is a key component of any job.  It’s the same for the Mentor IQ Video Borescope, and there are a few simple rules to follow to ensure that the device continues to function properly and doesn’t hold up your operations.  We’ve divided the care instructions into two main categories, the Optical Tip and the Probe, with an additional section on Care and Maintenance:

Optical Tip:

1).  Check the optical tip for damage or contamination

2).  Clean all external parts of the optical tip.  Use glass cleaner or 70% alcohol-to-water solution and a pointed cotton swab.

3).  Clean only the internal threads fo the optical tip.  The internal optical lens should only be cleaned when trouble-shooting an optical tip that provides poor focus.

CAUTION:  The internal optical lens is surrounded by an O-ring.  Be careful not to dislodge or damage it.
CAUTION:  DO NOT use a cotton swab to clean the insides of the 3D Phase Measurement optical tips or damage may occur.



1).  Check the probe for damage or contamination.  Look for excessive wear in the bending neck, loose strands of the braided weave, or separation of the bonding joints.

2).  Clean the probe tip, including the lens on the camera head.  Use class cleaner or 70% alcohol-to-water solution and a pointed cotton swab.

3).  Clean the rest of the probe, including insertion tube and fiber-optic connector.  Use a soft cloth dampened with glass cleaner or 70% alcohol-to-water solution.

Care & Maintenance:

The following simple rules and tips will ensure that your fiberscope stays in great working condition:

  • Do not immerse the fiberscope body in liquids. Although the flexible insertion tube is completely water proof, the eyepiece is not.
  • Do not subject the scope to corrosive fluids. A reasonable rule to follow is that if you can place your hand in it you can use the fiberscope.
  • Do not exceed temperatures of 176° F (80° C)
  • Do not expose a fiberscope to sources of radiation for extended periods. This will cause the fiber optic bundle to discolor and loose light transmission.
  • Never leave the scope unattended.
  • Never force the working length of a fiberscope into or out of an inspection area.
  • Never bind or coil the flexible working length. This will damage the fiber optics and reduce image quality. It may also damage articulation cables.
  • Always clean the fiberscope when finshed with your inspection. A simple houshold window cleaner or equivalent will suffice.
  • Always return the scope to its proper storage case when finished. Before closing the lid ensure that the insertion tube and light guide are safely inside.

Stick to these simple tips and you can be sure to get optimum performance out of your Video Borescope.

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