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The Turnaround Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

When planning for a turnaround the focus for operators and service providers is generally on the equipment that will be used to carry out the inspection on an asset. But what happens if you find an object or item that needs to be removed in order to carry out the inspection. The risk of leaving an item inside an asset can blow out months of already pre-planned timings and schedules and more importantly costs to your operation.

The importance of retrieval tools

Without the right tool on hand, retrieving a foreign object from inside an asset is a difficult process. The further an object is located from reach increases the difficulty of it being retrieved. However, not removing foreign objects can have disastrous consequences. That is why having a retrieval tool kit on site can help to avoid hours of downtime, save high costs and above all prevent dangerous situations like confined space entry.

There are two types of retrieval tools and each has its benefits to the operation:

Non-motorized retrieval tools

Non-motorized retrieval tools are handy for quick retrieval and include stainless steel wire snare, hook tools and magnets to help collect and retrieve the item.

Motorized retrieval tools

When the conventional equipment with snares and hooks is not enough. Motorized retrieval tools assist in grabbing the foreign object and can hold it until it is removed from the system.

The proper retrieval tool kit for every application

Nexxis stock a range of Foreign Object Search and Retrieval tools within their rental fleet and are a handy add on for any operator or service provider conducting inspections with strict deadlines and can’t afford delays. They are the reassurance that if the unexpected happens you have the right tool for the job to continue with the inspection.

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