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The Top 5 Reasons To Use Robots for Industrial Inspections

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The efficiency and accuracy of industrial inspections is an ongoing and essential task to ensure the safety of workers, longevity of equipment and reduced risk of unnecessary down time. The field of robotics is providing organisations with improved methods of carrying out such inspections in five key areas.

These are:

  1. Automating manual tasks
  2. Reducing manpower and inspection time
  3. Improving data collection and analytics
  4. The ability to easily inspect small and hard-to-access areas
  5. Cost reduction

Automating manual tasks

Many of the manual aspects of inspection processes present hazardous conditions for humans. This includes the need to enter environments that contain (or have contained) harmful substances, non-oxygen atmospheres, working at height or underground. Robots that can either work autonomously or can be controlled by humans from a distance play a huge role in reducing the danger to human health and/or life. 

Aside from the obvious safety aspects, this has many advantageous knock on effects,. These include negating the need for specially trained person/s to carry out the task, reduced insurance premiums and making companies that use such technology a more desirable place to work (and therefore making it easier to attract the highest calibre of staff).

Reducing manpower and inspection time

Many inspection tasks involve onerous and lengthy preparation. This might involve aspects such as emptying areas of hazardous products, cleaning to make them safe to enter and the erection of scaffolding. Robots can enter various locations without any of this protracted and expensive groundwork. They also reduce the man hours needed to carry out the inspection, as well as decreasing or negating repositioning or changeovers of manual labour.

Improving data collection and analytics

Robotic inspection greatly reduces the element of human error in data collection. It also provides a far quicker method of acquiring and correlating this information, collecting and analysing in real time. This data is then automatically presented and can be accessed in digital or physical format as required.

The ability to easily inspect small and hard-to-access areas

A historical challenge of industrial inspection is that of small and difficult-to-access areas. The use of robots, such as crawlers, drones and those that can climb walls and navigate obstructions, addresses many of these issues, thanks to their small footprint.

Cost reduction

In addition to all of the above, the ability to reduce costs of these essential inspections is vital to remaining competitive. Robotic inspection tools dramatically reduce the downtime of assets, mitigate many of the associated costs (manpower, safety equipment, preparation, insurance premiums etc.), and allow companies to make better use of their human workforce, rather than tying them up on prolonged inspection tasks.

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