The full range of equipment and technology available to the market is available to outright purchase.

This includes individual and bulk purchases, speak to Nexxis directly for more pricing information on specific items.

Nexxis can provide exclusive preferred seller agreements and discount levels.

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    Long Term Leasing

    Leasing immediately relieves pressure on CAPEX budgets, moving items to OPEX and with it, enabling greater tax benefits and cash liquidity.

    It’s no secret that today’s economic climate is tough. Investment in Greenfields projects and infrastructure has slowed, austerity measures have been implemented across industries and we’re all trying to achieve more with spending less.

    By understanding the financial benefits of leasing equipment, we empower you with new pathways that deliver on your immediate technology and expenditure requirements, providing access to class-leading Inspection Cameras (RVI) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment rental and our very popular borescope rental.


    A rent-to-own agreement also called a lease option or a lease-to-own agreement. When buyers agree to rent the equipment for a set amount of time before exercising an option to purchase the equipment when or before the lease expires. Benefits:

    • Simple application process – we look for ways to approve you
    • No deposit, no bond – no need to wait to save or use your working capital and savings
    • Tax advantages – rental payments are 100% tax-deductible (confirm details with your accountant)
    • Renting is ‘Off-Balance Sheet Funding” which doesn’t affect future borrowing capacity
    • Minimal documentation

    *All information provided is general. Please consult your accountant to determine whether this service is appropriate for you.

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      Short Term Leasing

      Need state-of-the-art equipment onsite fast? A short-term rental is a flexible solution to suit your needs.

      Gain immediate support to get through peak periods, unexpected projects or when essential equipment breaks down.

      Our equipment is available on-demand, while our people, with technical project experience, understand better than anyway your situation and challenges.

      This is a conventional rental option to accommodate any short to medium-term needs. A simple and smart engagement model structured to facilitate the fast deployment of equipment and technology to site.

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        Rent, Lease or Buy: The Financial Advantages and Off Book Expenses

        While buying equipment outright can have its advantages, there are a lot of reasons to consider renting or leasing equipment as an alternative option. For some, it’s the economic advantage of making smaller regular payments. Others may just need to use the equipment for a short time and don’t want to worry about paying big money for something they’ll hardly use.

        Renting and leasing can also be structured as an Off Book expense, saving you money and improving the liquidity of your business.

        Let’s take a closer look at the different options and their benefits.


        Rent, Lease or Buy?

        Sure, there are some advantages to buying your assets outright. You own the equipment straight away and don’t need to worry about ongoing payments or interest. But, is buying always the best option?

        When you rent or lease an item, you have the option to buy it at the end of the rental or lease period, carry on renting or renewing your contract. So, what’s the difference and how does it affect your finances?

        Financial benefits of Renting and Leasing

        > Complete Flexibility

        Financial Flexibility

        Renting or leasing might end up being a touch more expensive when talking about overall expenditure, but the flexibility renting and leasing offers is valuable in itself and there is the potential it might actually end up saving you money in other areas.

        For starters, by making small, regular payments your capital isn’t tied to one large lump sum upfront payment, freeing your cash for other investments.

        Lease and rental agreements are usually structured as an off-book expense, with the instalments taken off as an expense of doing business. This can improve your company’s overall financial picture and maintain a low debt to equity ratio.

        On-Site Flexibility

        Also, if your work scope changes, either downgrading or upgrading or starting a new phase of operation, you will always have exactly the right amount of machinery.

        > Preserve your borrowing capacity

        With a rental, you can release your capital into other parts of the business where it can be used to generate additional profits.

        > Scalability

        Renting offers a rapid and cost-effective way to cover peaks or troughs in production and short term needs.

        > Optimise Performance

        Purchased equipment becomes old quickly, leading to poor production and lost time. Renting ensure your use only the newest models to optimise performance at every stage of a project.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        > FAQ: How does a long term lease work

        Long-term leasing ensures a regular, low monthly payment that’s easy to budget for.  It reduces the total cost of ownership, since the lease payment reflects the residual value.

        This also eliminates end-of-lease disposal issues and a hardware lease helps you meet changing capacity requirements by allowing you to add or upgrade systems at any time during the lease term. Nexxis also offer flexible Frame Agreements, delivering the very best elements available within the long-term leasing structure.

        > FAQ: Is owning more cost-effective than leasing?

        The best solution depends on your situation. You may do a net present-value comparison between lease and purchase, and conclude that owning is cheaper. But as we described in the previous answer, the cost of cash is often higher than the debt rate.

        Cash is a scarce asset on the balance sheet, and a reasonable position is to use the Weighted Average Cost of Capital as the discount factor.

        Even if you believe today that the equipment will be kept for a long-time, a lot of things can change. A 36-month fair market value lease preserves substantial future flexibility at little or no additional cost.

        > FAQ: Are there tax advantages to leasing?

        In today’s challenging economy, keeping cash on hand makes it easier to seize a business opportunity before your competitor can arrange to finance, or to weather a downturn that cripples your competition.  By spending cash on equipment, you can also lose the tax advantages and residual-value benefits that leasing provides – the amount the lessor can expect to recover by selling the asset after the lease ends.

        Ultimately, having cash in hand to invest in your business provides far great flexibility to adapt to market conditions and seize opportunities to grow your business which in turn can provide returns that are far greater than the interest rate of a lease.

        > FAQ: Should I purchase or lease my equipment needs are urgent?

        You have multiple choices when it comes to deciding the best option for your project or business including rent-to-own, long-term leasing or outright purchase. At Nexxis we like to spend time with you to understand the specifics of your situation and suggest a financial and equipment model that will best suit your needs.  Our goal is to leverage our experience with clients across a broad range of project and financial scopes, from small one-off purchases to long-term leases, and suggest a financial model that best suits your particular needs.

        > FAQ: Can Nexxis tailor an individual leasing option to suit my situation?

        Yes. We can take an aggressive residual-value position on equipment from Nexxis, and provide you with fair market value on mid-term exchanges. As a total financing solution provider, Nexxis will structure a lease that rolls all equipment and services into a single contract with a single periodic invoice to help simplify budgeting for our customers.

        We build custom packages to suit your needs.

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