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Minecraft – The Rapid Rise of The MaggHD robotic crawler

It may be a crawler, but sales of the new MaggHDTM robotic camera system from Inuktun have been far from slow.

In fact, the rate of acceptance of this versatile and highly capable crawler system has taken many people by surprise, including its designers, who did not expect such a strong market response so soon after the product’s launch.

A recent communication on the Inuktun website noted that while the developers had anticipated strong interest from their core customers ahead of the launch of the miniature version of the MaggHDTM robotic crawler, they had been surprised by the level of excitement and acceptance of the product across a diverse range of industries including offshore oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, nuclear, marine and more.

The mining industry is also a strong supporter of this versatile tool because it takes remote visual inspection (RVI) to a whole new level.

Proactive, consistent and reliable inspections and maintenance of capital assets, infrastructure and operating environments are critical in the mining industry, and given that so much of those inspections take place in confined, visually inaccessible and often hazardous spaces, it’s critical that the equipment is up to the task.

With its range of innovative features, the MaggHDTM crawler fits the bill.

Its 3600 continuous tilt camera with full 1080p video, 10x optical and 12x digital zoom, flexible LED lights and parallel laser lines for more accurate on-screen sizing enable the device to record both video and still images at full resolutions with on-screen annotation and sensor integration.  The unit is also depth-rated to 60m and can operate in extreme weather conditions from 0-400C, making it ideal for use in the hot, wet conditions experienced in many mining operations.

It’s compact and lightweight (only 6.2kgs), so it’s ultra-portable and convenient, yet its robust construction can withstand demanding underground conditions and in pipelines, turbines, reactors etc.

The MaggHDTM robotic crawler can be easily adapted to other technologies such as ultrasonic thickness testing – and this versatility is one of the key reasons why we often recommend it to our customers in the mining industry.

We genuinely believe that remote visual inspection (RVI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment choices shouldn’t be made solely on the capability or quality of the technology, but should form part of a cohesive plan that is adapted to each customer’s precise needs.

With optimum asset management a priority, mines have to ensure that every decision they make meets their operational and financial goals.  So, if you’re interested in finding out how Nexxis can develop a tailor-made technical equipment solution that helps your mining operation minimise downtime, ensure operational safety, safeguard the environment and optimise revenues, contact us now.

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