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Inspecting Storage Tanks – No Room For Error

Storage tanks are used in a diversity of industries and operations around the world for a variety of purposes, but they all have one thing in common.

From above ground storage tanks (ASTs) to underground storage tanks (USTs), simple steel cylinders to custom-designed ones, water or waste product tanks, specially coated containers for storing hazardous or corrosive chemicals, fuel or effluent – all units require regular inspection.

Inspections are necessary to:

  • prevent accidental leaks
  • avoid costly contamination or environmental damage
  • prevent financial losses or reputational damage as a result of an accidental leak or loss of containment
  • ensure integrity of the tank
  • provide accurate information about the capacity and volume of the tank
  • ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards
  • extend the life of the asset

Some industries set out strict requirements and regulations for these inspections and compliance is absolutely vital for many reasons, including ensuring the ongoing safety of personnel in the workplace and the integrity of the product being stored.

For example, if you look at the requirements set out by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for the regular inspection of ASTs in the petroleum industry (API 653 standard*), you’ll get an idea at just how seriously some industries take their storage tank inspections and how tightly these are controlled.

Of course, not all tank inspections are as tightly controlled but as a general rule, industries will have a minimum set of standards in place in order that the units can be inspected for corrosion, damage, leaks or any other issues.  Depending on the nature of the material being stored, what type of coating or treatment (if any) that the tanks have and if there is any extraordinary use of the tank beyond normal wear and tear, operations may schedule inspections more frequently.

But even though storage tank inspections are vital and reliable results are imperative, the job isn’t an easy one.  Hazardous materials may be involved and personnel safety is paramount.

However, advanced equipment solutions like the Crystal Cam® range of portable and intelligent remote visual inspection (RVI) cameras make short work of the job.  These units offer turnkey solutions for fast, easy and flexible RVI and can be used in a diversity of applications.

Take the Crystal Cam Amber and Diamond camera systems for example, which we can supply off-the-shelf or customise to suit your operation’s individual imaging requirements.  Both of these systems are built tough, they’re compact, portable and simple to operate – and with their built-in batteries and telescoping carbon fibre pole, they can be used just about anywhere.   They capture high-quality, data-rich images and video and the intuitive features of their user-friendly software are carefully designed to speed up inspections, boost productivity, protect your assets and help ensure safety and quality.

Crystal Cam Diamond

See the Crystal Cam Amber camera in action with this video of a recent tank inspection at Inuktun InCommand Robotics LLC ( or contact us for more information.  Our team of industry professionals has the expertise and the experience to customise a solution that will meet all your tank inspection requirements, and you can contact us to discuss a collaboration.


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