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How Leasing A Pipe Inspection Camera Can Help Your Plumbing Business

The current tough economic environment is forcing many plumbing companies to re-examine the way they do business, yet surprisingly few are taking advantage of equipment rental as an effective means of cutting costs and boosting productivity.

Let’s take a pipe inspection camera for example.  When a customer has a stubborn blocked drain or pipe, a plumber can simply use a remote CCTV camera to quickly identify the precise location of the blockage as well as identify the cause of the problem.   These cameras are an efficient and cost-effective way of locating any problems or blockages in pipes or drains that aren’t visible to the naked eye and they enable plumbers to accurately cost the repair job and take the right corrective action.


Clearly, a pipe inspection camera delivers a range of features and is a huge asset to a plumbing business.  However, not all plumbing companies want to buy their own equipment or aren’t in a financial position to make such an investment – yet they don’t consider leasing equipment.  Mistakenly, many plumbing businesses believe that because they aren’t able to buy the product outright, they have to forego this important technology.

If only more plumbing businesses were aware of how easy it is to rent a pipe inspection camera, they’d realise how easy it is to take advantage of all the opportunities that it offers.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the benefits of renting a pipe inspection camera:

  • Expanded capabilities

Leasing a pipe inspection camera can give a plumbing business a crucial competitive advantage.  They will improve their diagnostic capabilities, improve customer service and speed up their repair service by quickly and accurately pinpointing the problem and taking the guesswork out of their quotations.

  • Access to the latest technology

Renting a pipe inspection camera gives a plumbing business access to the latest in remote visual inspection (RVI) technology without them having to make an upfront capital investment.  Customers are also more likely to choose service providers who can offer them the best plumbing service supported by the latest technologies.

  • Try before you buy

Plumbers can try the latest inspection cameras in actual real-life applications before committing to a purchase, which is infinitely preferable to making an investment decision by reading product brochures or by watching videos.

  • Rent-to-own

Rent-to-own is a cost-effective way of accessing the latest RVI equipment and making sure that the product suits your plumbing business’s requirements.  The initial trial period is generally 12 months, after which plumbers have the option to purchase the camera at a reduced cost or upgrade to the latest product releases.

  • Enables greater operational flexibility

Plumbing businesses have their ups and downs and product rental enables plumbers to better manage unexpected changes in their job requirements and fluctuations in demand.   Leasing is also an excellent solution in the event of product breakdowns.

  • Improved financials

Leasing equipment relieves pressure on capex requirements and can result in tax breaks and improved cash flow for the plumbing business.

Renting equipment also gives plumbers access to ongoing maintenance and service from an equipment hire company, and if plumbers use a proven supplier like Nexxis, they can be assured of getting the latest devices delivered to site on demand, supported by world-class expertise and technical project experience.  An Australian-owned company, Nexxis specialises in the rental and sale of a wide variety of quality technical equipment and would welcome the opportunity to assist plumbers find the best pipe inspection camera to meet their individual operating and budget requirements.

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