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GE Menu Directed Inspection

GE Measurement and Control Solutions has developed a tool that will standardize inspection processes in the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) industry.  Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) is a software that helps guide inspectors through the inspection process.

An intelligent system, MDI auto-generates a report, organises inspection results saving time and increases productivity while driving consistency and repeatability in quality.

The benefits include a decrease in reporting time of up to 70 percent, an increase in the speed and ease of sharing data, plus image and video files are automatically named and annotated.

This clever system also exports data compatible with GE Measurement and Control Solutions Rhythm software – a powerful NDT data management platform for centralising and sharing inspection data.

The MDI creates consistency and reduces errors with guided inspections and eliminates post inspection reporting with a “click to report” option.

Post inspection reporting is often a hidden cost. On average a typical report can take up to four hours to complete.

Manual MDI
Cost Per Report 4 hrs x $120/hr = $480 0.5 hrs x $120/hr = $60
Reports Per Year 65 65
Annual Total Cost $31,200 $3,900
Savings Per Inspector = $27.3K

If the cost benefits aren’t enough for you, MDI also has a host of other features that make it the tool for RVI and NDT of the future.

These include:

Standardising inspection plans to create asset specific data, so that inspectors are able to identify images and videos easily.

Consistent reporting giving inspectors an on-site inspection report in Word format and automatically generating a report with images and context. Inspectors can also define report templates to control the look, feel and descriptions for specific inspections.

Advanced MDI tools which allow you to import reference materials such as inspection manuals, technical literature or training references into inspection plans and create asset/location specific characterisation lists.

Language support is available in 11 different languages including English, German, Japanese Russian, Spanish and more;

It comes complete with Digital Imaging and Communications for NDT (DICONDE) to allow for maximum capability and flexibility for customers.

For more about GE’s MDI contact Nexxis today.

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