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Welds Defect Measurement and Inspection Done a Different Way

The Challenge:

A Nexxis client had a specification to measure the height of a weld seam inside subsea spools.

Included in the client’s scope was height measurement of the weld, plus the need to inspect the weld for discolouration, to identify if any excess heat had been applied to the parent metal.

The Solution:

The Nexxis team demonstrated several different equipment types and brands to ensure image quality was good and the measurement aspects were repeatable.

The Solutions teamrecommended utilising the Mentor iQ Borescope technology, due to the on-demand 3D Phase and Stereo Measurement options. This allowed the client to take advantage of the analysis software combined with extreme image quality for increased Probability of Detection (PoD).

As part of Nexxis’ commitment to customer support, the technical team provided on the job training to ensure the operators received the most up to date information on the equipment.

Training consisted of a theory component and a practical session to ensure competency of the operators.

This resulted in the participants being able to confidently perform measurements meeting specification to 0.01mm defect, as well as confirming weld heights were within tolerance.

The Benefits:

There were two immediate benefits utilising the Mentor iQ Borescope:

Measurements possible at any point in the weld seam (360°).
A bend and stay tube were supplied with the borescope, which makes the inspection easier. This was a technique shared from Nexxis on-site experience and previous lessons learned.

Utilising a stereo tip will also show weld discoloration. If a closer / clear view is needed, the client also used a wide angle (120°), near focus tip, which was also supplied.

The 120° tip provides a clear and a full-screen view of the discoloration. This directly saves time during inspection as the stereo tips are able to measure and show any discolorations at the same time.

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