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STIK Making Tank Inspections Safer

Industries across the world use tanks for storing or transporting liquids or gases. These tanks need regular inspections to ensure the integrity of the tank and to spot deterioration or damage early. Remote operated cameras allow for these checks to take place and for a tank to be fully inspected without the need for human entry into the tank.

The STIK (Spectrum Tank Inspection Kit) from Inuktun is leading the way in providing a visual support for tanks used for the storage and transport of fuels, oils, lubricants, gases and plastics. Used in a variety of industries, the STIK system can be used to inspect tanks, rail cars, pressure vessels and anything with a confined space that needs to be inspected. The Xbox style controller is loved by many in industries around the world as it offers familiar controls, ease of use and cuts down on learning time for new operators.

With a full 360 degree turn and automated scanning capability, the visual testing provided by STIK allows for an evaluation of the walls, floor, structure, shell, nozzles and more on tanks, while the high definition footage allows you to easily note changes in the condition of the tank or storage unit.

Visual footage is provided by the Spectrum 120HD camera which provides good, reliable data that allows industries to not only comply with industry standards but provide preventative data to stay on top of any cracks or changes in the tank. The Spectrum 120HD camera is a pan, tilt and zoom camera which provides crystal clear video on dry land and underwater and includes marine grade aluminium parts and built-in high intensity LED lights to ensure your staff can see damage to your tanks, as well as being able to check for material residue after cleaning.

What does the STIK bring to your business? It allows you to avoid costly accidents and damage, minimises out-of-service and maintenance downtimes, organise and be prepared for maintenance and repairs and keep your staff safe in the workplace.

If it’s time to make the change from manual visual inspections to robotic visual inspections, the cameras from Inuktun, combined with the STIK allows you to:

* Inspect storage tanks and containment areas in industrial plants, tank terminals and on-site storage areas

* Gauge the volume and capacity of the tanks in question

* Measure the shell of the tanks and detect changes in the integrity of the tank including metal loss

* Detect corrosion and delamination

* Remove the need to send staff into the tanks for visual inspection

* Provides data quickly that allows staff to analyse tanks in real time

If the STIK system is of interest to your business, contact us to find out more. We have the Spectrum 120HD camera available and can provide you with a demonstration to show you its robotic capabilities. With STIK you no longer need to send staff into confined spaces for cleaning and inspection.

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