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INVIZ SNK 40x – PTZ Camera

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The Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tanks, vessels and big pipes / tubes. The worlds most reliable inspection system with a wide range of inspection camera accessories for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). The Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x with Halogen and LED illumination as well as Aluminium and stainless steel construction. Wide Dynamic, 0.04 lux light sensivity and multiple extended range.

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Detailed view from long distances

The 40x optical zoom of the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x provides detailed views from longer distances, thus not missing any details during your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).



Position save and precise scanning

Individual camera positions are saved for repetitive Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) with the Tank & Vessel Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x. Use the Run & Scan feature for systematic and precise containment wall inspections. The seperately adjustable light outputs of the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x ensure perfect illumination and failure detection. The pan and tilt function enables all around Remote Visual Inspections (RVI).



Documentation system INVIZ® MATRIX

Operate the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x via documentation system INVIZ® MATRIX. With up to 200 m working length, the Tank & Vessel Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x is operated from a remote position, ensuring a save working environment for your personnel. Save and manipulate your Remote Visual Inspection results (images and videos) onto the internal SSD. Digital image manipulation provides image presentation in upright position, even when the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x is operated upside down. The X/Y position display guarantees detailed orientation and documentation.



Inspection camera accessory

The wide range of accessories for the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x includes carbon fiber poles, a pushing trolley, manhole swivel tripod and camera lift, spare inspection camera heads (Aluminium and stainless steel construction, Halogen and LED illumination) and further accessory for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).



Technical data

Technical data and specifications of the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x and inspection camera accessories.



Pan-tilt-zoom camera head

Type Sony® ¼“ Super HAD CCD
Resolution 670 horizontal TV lines PAL, 570.000 px
Zoom 40x optical / 12x digital | FOV range optical: 1.6° to 60° in air, 1.2° to 45° in water
Focal range 1.5 cm (0.59“)- ∞, manual & automatic adjustment
Light sensitivity 0.6 lx min. at 1/50 sec. shutter < 0.04 lx min. at 1 sec. shutter (50IRE)
IRIS & Shutter Manual and automatic, 1/10.000 sec. to 1 sec.
Overheat protection at 75°C / 165°F
Working cable length 3 m / 9.8 ft. to 50 m / 164 ft. (optional up to 200 m / 640 ft. on viZaar’s patented slipring cable reel)
Features* Wide Dynamic Range, enhanced noise reduction, high resolution mode




Halogen head lights 2 x 35 Watt / 35 Watt each**, 32 steps 0 to 100% | Compatible with all types of 12V GU4 Halogen lamps (approx. 650 lumen) | 25° (77°F) less heat with original viZaar lamp



Operating environment

Temperature -15°C (5°F) to +55°C (131°F)
Pressure 50 m / 160 ft. depth of water
Inner CO2 pre-pressure Max. 0.7 bar / 10.15 psi



Pan-tilt range

Pan range 347° (+/- 173.5°)
Tilt range -178° to +60°
Speed Aluminum: 0 to 14°/sec.
Torque (clutch protected)




Weight Aluminum anodized: 2.9 kg / 6.4 lbs
Dimensions in mm / inch Opening diameter: 162 mm (6.4“) height / Standard: 280 mm (11.02“) total height
Mounting Four M6 mounting points
Position feedback Resolution: 0.1° | Accuracy: 1.0°

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