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FOSAR Retrieval tools

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Retrieval Tools

Loose parts and foreign objects stuck inside piping or other confined spaces can cause serious damage to manufacturing, process
and power generation systems. These specialised tools provide significant cost-savings by minimising downtime and eliminating the
need for additional equipment. We offer a complete line of external and internal retrieval tools for foreign object removal in hard-to-reach areas – no disassembly required.

To find our more about our FOSR Manual Retrieval Tool Kit or any of our other FOSAR tools, contact us today.



  • Convenient All-In-One Kit Includes Fork & Tine, Gripping Pliers, Viper, Snare, Magnet and Storage Case
  • Available in 6 lengths – 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet
  • For some FOSAR applications, the retrieval tool operates in conjunction with a video probe
  • Flexibility of the stainless steel body allows for the retrieval instrument to bends and twist through the narrowest passages


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The inviZ® gr 8 is a motorized gripper, fixed and powered through a flexible and robust glass fiber push rod. it is designed to retrieve smaller and medium size items.

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