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Ultrasonic Testing

We stock a range of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment which provide unmatched capabilities for quickly and accurately detecting, locating and sizing defects in industrial applications such as corrosion, cracks, delamination, bonding irregularities and other discontinuities which may be hidden deep in the material.   These versatile ultrasonic flaw detectors, including the EPOCH 650 and the USM Go combine excellent inspection performance and usability for a wide variety of applications including welds, forgings, turbines and other structural components. Browse our range of ultrasonic testing equipment below.

The Krautkramer USM 36 is ultrasonic flaw detection technology at its best, with a 7 inch screen with 800x480 pixels.

Product ID Cygnus DIVE Underwater Gauge

With its bright, very large, AMOLED display the Cygnus DIVE is simple to operate, providing accurate and reliable thickness measurements, underwater. Depth rated to 300 metres.

The HydroFORM™ is a high-performance corrosion mapping for rough and uneven surfaces.

Olympus’s EPOCH 650 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a robust, compact and versatile data reporting tool weighing only 1.5kg.

The handheld EPOCH 600 Digital Ultrasonic is a reliable mid-level ultrasonic flaw detector, complete with a full range of standard as well as optional features

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