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Thickness Testing

Ultrasonic thickness testing is an essential procedure where equipment or materials are subject to corrosion or erosion.  So if you want to ensure the ongoing safety, integrity, quality, reliability and performance of your operation, look no further than Nexxis’s powerful and easy-to-use thickness gauge tools which provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive data for all standard thickness, ultrasonic testing and corrosion monitoring applications.

The 27MG is an ultrasonic thickness tester designed for inspectors and maintenance engineers that need to monitor the wall thickness in metal pipes, tanks, beams, and structural supports.

The DMS Go+ Series offers comprehensive, hand-held solutions to thickness measurement, data recording and data management.

Product ID DM5E Corrosion Thickness Gauges

The DM5E family is the latest generation of portable corrosion monitoring thickness gauges from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies.

Product ID MicroMag UT Probe and Wire Brush

The MicroMag UT Probe and Wire brush is a high-performance easy-to-use accessory for the standard MicroMag crawler for underwater use.

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