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Robotic Crawlers & Tractors

Our robot crawler tractor cameras and accessories provide portable and convenient access to hard-to-reach areas across all industrial and manufacturing applications.  Built tough to withstand harsh and dangerous environments, they are technologically advanced to deliver crystal clear images and operator-friendly data reporting.  From our miniature Versatrax 100 for inspecting ultra-small diameters to the sophisticated MaggUT for precise measurements on vertical and inverted surfaces, we have a range of robotic crawlers and tractors for any remote inspection job.

The Riezler FWL100 is an extremely solid and efficient steerable crawler suitable for pipe inspection from 100mm.

A versatile CCTV inspection camera system that can be used to extend an existing camera tractor system or be employed as a standalone unit.

The Versatrax VT150™ Inline pipe inspection camera is a modular, long range chassis system designed for operation in pipe with a minimum internal diameter of 6in / 150mm up to 12in / 300mm.

A robotic pipe inspection camera crawler designed specifically for hazardous environments, and where remote handling and inspection are required.

The Versatrax VT300 pipe inspection camera is the solution to long-range pipe inspection challenges, able to inspect more than two kilometers of pipe in a single run.

With the addition of a magnetic attachment for its parallel chassis, the Versatrax 100 pipe inspection camera is able to climb steel walls and pipework.

Inuktun’s MaggUT inspection camera is a rugged portable crawler suitable for ultrasonic A-Scans or B-Scans and visual inspections of a variety of objects and surfaces.

The DigiSewer 190 inspection camera is the perfect add-on to the DigiSewer Supervision, Rovion and Rovver inspection systems.

Supervision pipe inspection camera units combine dimension, speed and manoeuverability with efficient and safe operation saving you time and money.

Rovver is a versatile high powered pipe inspection crawler designed for ultimate flexibility and manoeuverability, offering high performance with minimum work.

The P350 Flexitrax™ from SPX is a versatile and portable crawler system that offers the ideal solution to any pipeline inspection professional.

The unique MicroClimber from Inuktun is a lightweight, versatile remotely operated 360 degree crawler pipe inspection camera tool.

Product ID Versatrax Vertical Crawler

The Versatrax Vertical Crawler from Inuktun offers an extremely versatile and durable pipe inspection camera solution for inspecting pipes of varying diameters in just about any orientation.

Product ID Versatrax 150TM Pipe Inspection Systems

The Versatrax 150 Pipe Inspection Systems combine advanced pipe inspection camera technology and precision manoeuverability with power, reliability and functionality.

Product ID Inuktun NanoMagTM

The Inuktun NanoMag miniature crawler system is ideal for steel structures where vertical, horizontal and/or inverted pipe inspection is required.

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