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Push Rod Cameras

Whatever your field, our range of advanced yet easy-to-use push rod cameras will meet all your pipe inspection camera needs.  From the versatile P340+Pearpoint SPX to the rugged SoloPro 360 Pan and Tilt (and everything in-between), our cameras deliver crystal-clear images with operator-friendly data collation.  In restricted-access situations where portability and manoeuvrability are crucial, including pipes, chimneys, rooftops, air ducts and building cavities, our pipe inspection cameras meet even the toughest applications.

The unifying inspection & documentation platform INVIZ® MATRIX for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and inspection file documentation & storage

Ideal pipe inspection camera for leak testing, rehabilitation, pipe cleaning or the traditional pipe inspection. The sturdy construction makes it very robust and stable.

The minCam360 Pan & Tilt pipe inspection camera is an innovative new solution for lightweight and convenient industrial drain and well inspection.

The intelligent SoloPro push pipe inspection camera has been specifically developed to provide a cost effective, flexible and simple solution for one-man surveys.

The NEXP 2330 Push Rod is a premium pipe and wall inspection camera that provides quality inspection results in most conditions and environments.

The P571 Ex Flexicoiler is a lightweight yet tough push rod camera, ideal for all manner of pipeline inspections.

Product ID Solo Pro PT

The SoloPro 360 is a flexible and intuitive pipe inspection camera unit, featuring state-of-the-art digital architecture and an impressive range of innovative features.

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